a year ago today: back in L.A *exhales*


it’s been an ENTIRE YEAR since we returned to Los Angeles to live (and thrive).


and, gosh, hasn’t it been a Tremendous journey thus far?

as we sit here, smiling at the glorious sunshine as it fills teamgloria towers, carrying on with our delicious thoughts ruminating in the psyche, who-we-are-in-RL is tap-tap-tapping-at-the-keyboard next door, busy doing her Consulting Calls and sending Pitch ideas to Editors abroad, as requested (ah, the life of a Foreign Correspondent – quelle glam) and writing Features, we thought we’d do a Small Amount of thank you (digital) Correspondence:

to the ladies of Good Housekeeping (and probably a few chaps too – which would be nice) for the blog post that went live this morning at 0700 hours Greenwich Mean Time (mean as in average not snippy):


to the lovely readers who wrote into Red magazine after our feature in the Nov issue to express their thoughts *moist_eyes* – this is very moving being all public and people appreciating our words *farofflooktocamera*


and to our delicious publicist at the Publisher in NYC (such a delightful phrase), Ms. Erin Dupree – who keeps booking us for LIVE (eek) radio shows

upcoming radio shows:
how to stay sane in a crazy world

January 29th: Out of the Fog Radio with Karen Hager 12 noon Eastern time

February 17th: Diane Ray: Hay House Radio: I Can Do It Hour: 11AM Pacific time

February 22nd: David Essel Alive!: 6.30PM Eastern time

*gulp* – we better get our Radio Voice Ready *gargles_with_salt*

how exciting.

just taking a moment (as they say in all the best audio meditations) to recall how frightened we were at Doing This Move from our life in Manhattan to settle back in L.A – the moving and unpacking of boxes, sleeping on an inflatable mattress which didn’t live up to its name in the middle of the night, watching the sunrise over malibu while still on East Coast Time, getting a driver’s license for California (and having to re-take the Written test), and a Library Card (very important – especially if one is trying to be more prudent with funds instead of relying on Mr. amazon), leasing the Perfectly Prius, finding an Attorney and (finally) getting a Californian Bank Account for teamgloria, inc

because we wanted a Different Life – to write and take photographs every day and to be Helpful with our 17 years experience in the magical world of 1s and zeroes (digital, if that mystified you for a second) – and we had a dream of doing so

and now it’s real – we do write (every day, not always for renumeration, but very often which is delicious but the point is to write, the money will flow), we love to be a Helpful Consultant (and we meet so Many interesting people by doing so), the Photography (despite the Exhibition) hasn’t really taken off – but we do take pictures every day and perhaps the world will be more curious about our pictures when the BOOK comes out in *gasps* 4 weeks.

has it been SCARY at times?


really SCARY.

has it Stopped us?

hell, no.

but do you know the most important thing?


*hesitates_bites_lip* (prettily)

in order to live like this (wild and free and with very little if any safety net) we have Often found ourselves running or not stopping to pause and be Part of things (because there was too much to Do) and sometimes – well – we felt that if we Did – we’d be asked to Join In and Settle Down and have a somewhat Normal-sized life) and so – *gulps* – we sort of didn’t Always tell people that we were actually teamgloria, inc and that we got a Literary Agent (such a lovely phrase) and that we even had Tobias and his sisters (we don’t like to Worry people especially when they are so far away) and, so, what we’re trying to say, is that we DID (finally) tell (our family) that we are teamgloria and Have A Book Deal and – well – the nicest thing happened – our favo(u)rite Uncle left us a little note here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.13.48 AM

and sent us an email (how modern)

This is news, didn’t know we had a budding Author in the family.
I will look out for this and give it a read, might even look up your TeamGloria Blog as well!
there is SO much they don’t know.
oh well.
let’s see what Happens in Year 2 of Living Gloriously.

12 thoughts on “a year ago today: back in L.A *exhales*

  1. congratulations on all of this, dear! how lovely of uncle steve to drop by here.

    p.s. greenwich snippy time killed me. I am so going to use this :D

    1. *giggles*

      sometimes (actually all the time – we don’t edit unless we make a grammatical mistake-ness) those “ideas” just come unbidden.

      greenwich snippy time indeed.

  2. A year? Already? How far you have come in so short of time…and how far you will go.
    *Waving from Provence*

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