How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World (the book promo!)


we DID IT!

funny enough, we had Another idea (before this one of a simple slideshow with some cute inter-titles like in the silent movie days) and we went to visit our friend “Dub” Williams and had a “script meeting”; which was very nice because he has such an interesting Take on things (as well as an incredible View).

IMG_8771this is one of Dub’s latest piece of artwork – isn’t it splendid? limited edition prints are available via the interweb (so modern!)

do you recall our prior creative engagement with Mr. Dub?

wasn’t that a fun evening?

which is sort of why we asked him if he could help with the Prep for our Promo this afternoon.


so we sat and talked a while and Dub drew and we actually did some filming of him drawing and it was fun but it wasn’t quite working when we came to review the footage.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and yet what Helped the most was talking through Everything and generally feeling heard and seen as a Creative Person. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

while smiling a Lot at the postcard on Dub’s drawing board.


this is the view from Dub’s pad. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

creative people live here, you can tell. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and he was hard at work when we left.

to come home and edit.

and VOILA!

we’re so pleased.


do you really like it?


would you – *gulps* – feel like sharing it on your own site (or a friend’s place if you’re still waiting to get a room of your own)

(if you need help sharing the link, feel free to ask in the comments below – we love to be helpful).

it’s also available on Vimeo:

and now we wait.

because apparently the “first bound” books will be arriving *gasps* by the end of this month and we are Faint with Anticipation.

you’ve been so kind to stay with us this long.

we do appreciate it.



26 thoughts on “How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World (the book promo!)

  1. I like the silent movie appeal the promo video has. and how it just points out the purpose of the book. it’s sweet and authentic, which I give you extra-special kudos for, madam, since you are from the industry and could have come up with a sleek, hollywood-looking creation. but you chose not to, which is even more adorable, wise, and share-worthy! (twitter, here I come – and I’m thinking of ways to include it into some posts chez BC, too)

    1. dearest Dandy-of-fragrance-ness


      thank you ever so much for taking time to watch it (and for your awfully nice words)


      _tg xx

  2. There we go! Now we are talking!! :) That is very, very tg. Will share it on my blog once the book is out ok?
    Bisous and keep going…you can do it…hoorahhhhhh!

    1. the book is Tremendously Excited about going to Seoul – we are reliably informed.

      and thank you so much for the kind words (we adore sparkles as you know)


      _tg xxx

  3. I would love to share it on my site especially since my world is fairly crazy believe it or not!!!! Please, do tell…..the music is ????? I would like to hear more of it.

    1. dearest one-in-NZ

      thank you ever so much in advance for the Sharing-ness.


      on the music front.

      we’d LIKE to let everyone think that we went to the British Archives and trawled through vintage clips while wearing big headphones and chewing a pencil (if only – *sighs*) but *glancetocamera3* – those are some of the royalty-free-clips (and we can’t recall which ones we chose in the end as we listened to them ALL) on iMovie so the apple people must have gone to the Sound Archives with big “cans” and chewed pencils a wee while ago one Hopes.

      sending Extremely Calm vibes down under (*concernedlook* – everything ok?)

      _tg xxxx

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