beatles covers, mozart mash-ups and photographing scrapbooks.


we *Are* enjoying 2014 already especially now everyone seems to be “Back At School” (for some reason we felt like the smart orphan who had to board during the hols because her rich relatives were in zurich sorting out the family misfortunes and so spent one’s time with the janitor learning how to play poker by the boiler and improving one’s Beethoven in the deserted Music School).

perhaps this would have been our playlist of the last quiet evening before the Trunks thumped into the lobby and the sound of several hundred lace-up Clarks shoes thundered up the main staircase:

and we’re sure we would have spent a most profitable evening Photographing old scrapbooks to look Back (in a good way) and see how Far We Have Come.



the Research into French Films will become clear once we have interviewed and been published on our Next story about a deeply interesting individual (for these films are his principal source of Inspiration, we’ve heard). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a most lovely dawn. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is where we rested for a while to listen to the soundtrack we just shared with you.

(we’re on the Glenn Morrison now – are you enjoying it? wait until you get to the Mozart Mash-up from Egypt! that was a Find and no mistake)



you guessed it.

we Have been Photographing scrapbooks (this is London – circa 2004).

and our most beloved phrases typed out carefully and printed and pasted. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we see we Referenced that one properly.

and yes, we Do identify. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


gosh. this is the first time we lived in Santa Monica (2004 again). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

always been Drawn to philosophy it seems. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and heart-breaking poetry…..



this was also from 2004 (all from the same scrapbook, more to come another time) from when we sophie-sat-somewhere-south-of-wilshire-boulevard (the splendid canine bottom left) – who sadly is no longer with us.


what’s this?

who-we-are-in-RL has decided to change her headshot on the Various sites, including the about the Book – ah – the blue-blue shirt – Very Terence Conran, love.

happy monday wherever you are, darlings.

isn’t that egyptian one just Rousing?!

we like to play it on a loop and go back to the Beatles cover at the beginning.

but perhaps that’s just us.

we have no judgement on your music choices.

having some fairly dodgy ones ourselves.


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