The Year Of Living Gloriously.



it’s almost here.

2014 is *waiting* in the wings, adjusting its tulle wings and making sure the coronet is on properly and a list of Adventures to be had in the script – one last quick scan of its Lines – and a quick peek into the audience behind the stage manager’s left shoulder and a thumbs up at the guys hanging on the lighting rig, ready with the follow spot.

while 2013 wraps up its speech, takes a look at 2014 with a shy and quite weary, by now, smile, and Prepares to leave to go back, get recycled by all the souls up there who are busy-busy-taking-notes and getting ready to Inspire Writers and Directors and Actors and Animators (most especially those) all around the world to Immortalis/z/e what they have Absorbed and learned and found necessary to express in some Literary or Cinematic form (or perhaps a graphic novel or two, we adore those).

and You?

how do you wind up the year and make sure everything’s tidy and present and clean and neat and Complete?

do. tell.

over here at teamgloria towers?

mostly we’ve found that glitter is involved at some point – and of course a Collection of Moleskines.

what else?


shall we look?


we spent some time this morning doing laundry and Packing for the Convent (we’re off to a Contemplatives Retreat in the morning in, yes, a convent). 805cd822709b11e383d012dabd1c8057_8

and admiring the sunbursting through the mesh that protects our sleeping form from night flying creatures (both mythical and related-to-the-fruit-fly). 844b38ea70ee11e38c8c12afb5ad8ea8_8

we had a (surprisingly large) cafe au lait with Mr. Dub Williams who is an Artist and gave us some of his latest work, which we are Delighted to put in the scrapbook. 

while doing laundry we noticed a small bag on the shelf by the mailboxes (which are in a recess next to the laundry room you see) and Peeked inside – it was an abandoned set of glitter tubes (remnants of a christmas eve crafting?) – we knew it was for The Taking because that’s where we all leave stuff-we-do-not-need-anymore (it functions a bit like a lending library – funny enough – all the buildings we lived in NYC – apart from one – because there was no available shelf – had lending libraries of some sort of another in the Laundry room)

some of the glitter shades were not ones we truly appreciate, so we left those for Others.

and nabbed the silver, pale blue and French Navy.

and now we have a somewhat nautical shimmering Feature on the windowsill. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we also sorted through the last year of Moleskines (some call it Memories – we call it Material ;-)

then we gathered up all the delicious scraps not-yet-scrapbooked – YES! we made it to not just One but TWO contributors pages in 2013 (such a hono(u)r!) and put them in the plastic folder to be sellotaped (other brands are available as they used to say on the BBC) when the photographic prints arrive from mr. internet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

pausing to slip down into the calmer waters that lie beneath fears and nonsense.

more pausing.

then we looked Back again at the Moleskines 2013.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand took a few notes and made what started to look a Lot like a Table of Contents *shiver* for a new book…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAall about how we went from This (yup, this was the View from who-we-are-in-RL’s office in 2011)

to – well – this:
and decided to jump full-time into this:

teamgloriaimageand (asked OneStopNYC to) Pack up the Apartment (and Life) on That Coast while we took a train and a plane and a car rental and an apartment lease and a new drivers license and – well – Made it Back to This Coast.  

viewer2and we thought about What it had Taken (to do all that) and how Brave we had to be to jump off the (metaphorical) cliff and how Difficult (and scary) Setting up a New Life had been but then there was the LONG AWAITED GREEN CARD‘s arrival and MANY Adventures and writing every day and taking photographs and delivering the final book Manuscript to our Publisher (such a perfectly perfect Phrase) and seeing our First Technology Cover in over 17 *gulps* Years and Secret Consulting gigs and Judging (in a good way) in South Africa and hiring a Lawyer and transferring our Corporation to this Coast and – well – we had to take a step back and *smile*

looks like we might have Something to Share as a result.

so we’ve started writing it – the 2nd book (actually we’ve written a lot more than that but this is another non-fiction not the novels although we really do hope that our Agent can sell Those in 2014 as a result of the “buzz” or whatever they call it technically around the First)

anyway – it’s going to be called (for now)

The Year Of Living Gloriously: how to re-boot your Life

oh good.

we like it too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso do Please welcome moleskine #160; where we start writing it, darlings


there’s a Strict no cellphone/laptop Policy at the Convent (as you might expect).

so we’ll see you back here – pronto – late Jan 1st 2014 – *wavingfromlosangeles*

thanks for being here throughout 2013 – it really helped.


it really did.

we (seriously) could Not have done this without You.


20 thoughts on “The Year Of Living Gloriously.

  1. oh I have missed this one. I was offline a few days “between the years” as they call it in germany, the time between christmas and new year’s.
    it’s a delightful recap, brilliant foreshadowing and altogether beautiful. I love your reply (in the article) about everyone deserving their dream life.

    p.s. your cards arrived! thank you! I loved the vintage vogue, and will put your book cover card somewhere on display to keep inspiring me (exciting work and all the beautycalypse goodness happened to push aside the creative writing. utterly ironic if you think that BC was born out of a writing challenge in feb 2013!)

    1. hurrah!

      happy that the cards found their way across a continent and a sea and another few countries on That Side (isn’t that amazing of a Trip?)

      and thank you.


      _tg xx

  2. Sometimes I just like going back and re-reading your posts and admiring the pictures. Nice. Now we’re into 2014 really, it’s really begun, not waiting in the wings. Bises. XXXXX

  3. Dearest G
    The Dandy has spent today as he does every New Years Eve writing letters, emails, texts and now tweets to those nearest and dearest around the world.
    Those who have made my year, those perhaps you have not quite been much a part of it as one would like. Those, in short, I love and like.
    And so accept these few words as my letter to you for one likes you (and your work) most very much.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Love, love, love this wrap-up to the year, and so happy to hear about the second book! Thank YOU for being part of my 2013. I really couldn’t have made my decision to make the jump if it hadn’t been for your example from the other side. Happy new year and looking forward to sharing more in 2014 :)

  5. As young Mr Grace always said ‘you’ve all done very well’.

    I’m all for moving to the coast (though mine was only 58.8 miles away).

    Have a peaceful transition to the new year my love.

    See you on the other side. Xx

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