a moment of reverie to the music of Arvo Part


a few pictures from today:


but first this:

isn’t it SUBLIME?

it’s a piece by Arvo Pärt

turn off the lights – leaving just the reading lamp by your chair – light a gardenia candle – and close your eyes (that’s what we’re doing right after we t y p e t h i s l i n e).


wasn’t that WONDERFUL?

makes you want to weep, non? (in a Very good way.)

more pictures?

bien sur.




8a22a43e6f3f11e383b71261062e4ae8_8 d54e94846f5011e387f812631f7314a1_8

and another piece of beauteous music?

we *almost* run out of supplies so we went back to the Library (we Adore a Library) and found there were quite a few more pieces at the Requested Materials Desk (thank goodness).


it’s so delicious the way one can Request materials and there they are – at some point – when brought in from Another Branch (via what mode of transport? are they all low tech and Metro these days? or a Large Van? Limo?)

a little more Arvo?


Arvo Pärt, Roland Barthes and (shortly) Cahiers du Cinema?



the end of the year finds us in a Deeply reflective mode.

or perhaps we’re doing Research for an Article.


even though – yes, yes, we Know, it’s meant to be the “holidays”, but dear god(s), they’ve gone on Quite Long Enough.

bring back civilization.

or as near as we get to it in Los Angeles.

9 thoughts on “a moment of reverie to the music of Arvo Part

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Arvo Part, and in fact of Roland Barthes too, though I have never had the inspiration to put them together. You are very good at creating Gorgeous Moments, you know that? I’m joining you in being more than ready for civilization to recommence…

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