well that was a wonderful wednesday. how was yours?

hello darlings

everyone else seemed to be in a somewhat festive mood.

and it was sort of contagious in a very nice way.


we went to a lovely party (yes, we edited out the people as someone pointed out – but there were lots there – we just prefer “atmosphere” to generate a mood unless one is lighting a face properly and doing a headshot or two and it wasn’t that sort of a gathering)c2c36b626cf511e380301215423c68e1_8

the boarding school (one of two, the other one went bankrupt so it would be unlikely to send out a Christmas Message) was very Modern and sent an email which was delightful. c94264d46da411e3861d0e55fd92b12f_8

then there was lots of taking-the-long-road home after (see below) a delicious Wednesday morning breakfast-with-friends.

(does anyone know why the house on Lookout Mountain has a giant publicity shot from The Women? Mr. google hadn’t a clue but we thought you might). f25a5c446d9711e385e012ed285b77e9_8moments from breakfast.

always especially wonderful when Mr. Diego-the-dog is present.

and despite not being interested in actually celebrating christmas, we have to say we Do enjoy watching other people do it.

especially in French.

so now we’re off to watch this:

because, a little earlier today, we already watched this:


hb-lobby1come to think of it, there are lots of things we like to Watch others do but not necessarily do in RL.

houseboat-end-title-screenof course we’re Itching to get back to writing and who-we-are-in-RL is eager to start the new consulting term and there are photographs to take and deadlines to meet – but only when everyone has finished doing this Christmas thing.


when the weather looks like this:

e6c0fabe6ced11e38e6612704970d118_8it’s sort of hard to take the whole “Holidays” thing seriously.

and don’t even get us started on the “New Year Celebration”.

we’ll be in a convent for that.

did we not tell you?


not under orders or taking orders but quite voluntarily – and yes, we’ll be in black – it’s a habit one finds hard to break.

plus our British Publicist at the UK Publishers (such a delicious word) agreed it would be a good “talking point” to say that one had spent the last night of 2013 in contemplative silence when one is promoting the book.


what’s that?

oh yes!

good idea.

we haven’t seen That for a while.

the last time we got to sing the Nuns Chorus was when we were staying with a friend somewhere (*saidvaguely*) near the Hudson river in, what was it? 2005? yes, NYC. and we both watched the film and found we could harmonize rather brilliantly – but we let him do Mother Superior’s solo – we were the Guest after all – it’s only Polite.

actually, we heard that they don’t dress like this anymore.

The-Sound-of-Music-the-sound-of-mussince Vatican 2 there was a move to more poly-blend-jump-suits in pastel shades in this sunny southern california for the Sisters of Mercy (not the band, although they prefer wearing black too)


actually, if you take off the wimple, you’re right – we dress Exactly like that.


how delicious.

did you have a lovely Christmas?

many mince pies?


that’s the best solution for too-many-mince-pies.

and an early night.

14 thoughts on “well that was a wonderful wednesday. how was yours?

  1. “Houseboat” is to me the greatest film Sophia Loren ever did, and one of Cary’s best too. As a child I longed to go and live on a houseboat with them both. And I can still sing that song. Some memories never fade. Bises,

    1. We feel there’s a connection to the movie with the house itself. And the picture is recent. If one looks (as we did) on mr. Google streetview, it’s not There (the publicity still). So we have written a nice note and will pop it in the Post to the owners today telling them we’re reading Rosalind Russell and happened to drive by christmas morning and, well, Hooray for Hollywood and all that.

  2. I did enjoy Houseboat, but wondered what had happened to Sophia Loren. She was SUCH a peculiar colour in the film. Very glad you had a lovely Wednesday – I rather wish I didn’t have to celebrate Christmas but your blog is not the place to be Grinchy. It’s okay really, though I’d prefer a convent retreat if I knew of one close at hand!

    1. you are RIGHT about her spray on tan.

      it was Most peculiar.

      but weren’t those dresses by edith head divine?

      a tiny bit Grinchy is perfectly acceptable as long as one is literate and witty – you’re both –

  3. Don’t do a Sister George and have to have a letter written by the Mother Superior!

    ‘Well hello girls!’


  4. Delightful film selection. As for the publicity shot for The Women; should we ask if Beguiling Hollywood has had a hand in it :D ? Our little country almost comes to a halt from now until the middle of January….it’s quaint, mostly, but can also be vexing if something like a leaking roof needs urgent attention. Our TV stations more or less go on holiday as well and show infomercials for hours instead of real programmes….. a retreat to a convent would be a breathtakingly exciting alternative to our nation in holiday mode.

    1. oh! we’re So glad that it’s not just around-here-that-everything-stops.

      it’s sort of dull.

      thank goodness there’s a lot of Popular books (and somewhat unpopular heavy academic tomes) and Films to watch.


  5. Im all for ending 2013 off peacefully and quietly so I’m heading out to a quiet, charming town on the west coast of South Africa, where the SA Navy is based in Simonstown, kind of reminds me of scenes from the movie Pearl Harbour. There you’ll also find the Kalk Bay medieval labriynth – I can’t think of a better way to end off a crazy year….. Can you?? 😊http://www.joannacastle.com/reiki/labyrinth.htm

    pending your year-end

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