wow. fantastic baby.


as you know we’re are Fascinated by the Future and most specifically the Global nature of Popular Culture

which is why we can’t STOP watching this:


Big Bang (how scientific) released Fantastic Baby in 2012 so we’re a Little late to the party but we adore K-Pop, particularly Wonder Girls (The Shirelles re-born) and we even Went to Korea on business and this is P.18 – P.19 of the book, in fact (small *squeal* – it’ll be here in less than 8 weeks now!)

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.17.33 PM

but back to Big Bang for a brief moment – what think you? it’s either the 80s re-mixed and sent to Korea-on-its-hols OR it says something really curious and glorious about what’s next in Gender (and possibly synth music)? well, that’s our Take anyway.


maxresdefaultbut we Guarantee you’ll have it buzzing around in your head All Day and from time to time you’ll want to do a little *bounce* and *looktocamera* and purr

w o w – fantastic, baby

or maybe that’s just Us?

we do hope not.

such fun.

in other news – what have We been doing?


Pausing with a Pellegrino.


and spending Quality time with Virginia Woolf.


and you?

how are You spending the last few days before everyone huddles inside and watches the television and looks slightly askance at the Christmas Jumpers/Sweaters/ItalianKnitwear on display?



feel like sharing that with the rest of them?

go on.

11 thoughts on “wow. fantastic baby.

  1. Wow, Big Bang! I used to LOVE them when they first came out. Their record label, YG Entertainment, does hip-hop right in Korea (in the humble opinion of yours truly) and Big Bang first came out as a hip-hop boy band. The transition into the 80s-inspired pop band happened later; I don’t know where they’re drawing their inspiration from, necessarily, but the transformation has been interesting to watch because they’re still presented as idols to be gawked at by the opposite sex. Actually, the desirable male in current Korean entertainment/popular culture has been very interesting to watch; female audiences are taught to lust after figures that appear to challenge “Western” heterosexual norms of desire. Am interested to hear how you came upon the band!

    1. We spent time in korea as you know so learned about wonder girls and super junior and so keep track (literally ;) by dipping in from time to time. It is fascinating to see the look that is being presented. …..really different as you say – exhilarating.

  2. k-pop isn’t much my piece of cake though I am fully aware of its existence. I am pondering – have a strong fascination for japan – maybe take lessons of japanese? wouldn’t this be a wonderful new year’s resolution?

    my christmas preparations are simple: clean the mess that has occupied my home (stressful last days at work, and no time for the boring housework), deck the halls, put together a christmas menu, experiment with cookies (gluten-free they must be), coordinate friends (many) and family (just mother) visits, and lastly, put up and decorate the tree tomorrow. phew!

      1. the last bit of latin I actually read was de bello gallico and I didn’t like it – though my translations were rather elegant. had they made us read juvenal, I might not have been *that* bored preparing my latinum ;)

        japanese isn’t that complicated at all; the major trick will be the writing. but I hear that mandarin is one helluva work.

        (tree picture coming next)

        1. Excited for picture-of-tree!

          With the colleagues of who-we-are-in-RL we found that a Lot of *bowing* and downcast lashes during a hushed sayonara was Very Effective

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