gosh, hello officer.


we got stopped at a US border control CHECKPOINT this evening!3e8b1a5e678a11e3985f0e47fb3a0096_8

sadly they didn’t want to see our green card – they just stopped Certain Cars and “ran the plates”* as they say in America

*for our British chums, that would be “As per Protocol, we called Scotland Yard and asked for Sergeant Smith to check the list of stolen vehicles from the blue folder in the last-but-one-filing-cabinet, Sir”)

we weren’t even (that) near the Border (to Mexico).

but they were definitely looking for someone else who sadly wasn’t as far along in the immigration process as we now are – being of the status of a Permanent Resident Alien (minus the Extra Terrestrial connotations).

but it’s true we did drive almost 200km in-that-direction as who-we-are-in-RL was doing some Digital Consulting.

and we’re having breakfast with friends at some terribly early hour in east L.A tomorrow so we had to drive back.

the distinct plus side was that we got to see the Ocean when we arrived this morning (slightly bleary eyed and in need of a lot of caffeine it has to be said)

f85034e8673e11e394b412c5bc47fc98_8as well as just as the sun was about-to-set)c914b8da677e11e3912e0a67fd6ef8ef_8

l’heure bleu vraiment.


and now we must s l e e p.


sweet dreams on your side of the world (or a perky cup of tea if it’s that time of the morning already where you Are).


13 thoughts on “gosh, hello officer.

    1. the Pacific Ocean is indeed vast!

      and w o n d e r f u l

      but so is the English Channel – we miss the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe with that sense of thrilling-ness at the imminent arrival in France circa 1977 ;-)

  1. Isn’t it a nice feeling when you’re stopped by the authorities and you know for certain there are no warrants for your arrest, you are definitely not intoxicated or carrying controlled substances on your person, and all of your paperwork, credentials, licenses and registrations are valid and up to date? I love that. XXXXX

      1. completely with you there – of course the Alsatians (what the Brits call German Shepherds as you probably recall ;-) are very Fierce and nothing like a black labrador who would sort of shrug at the third car and look for a sofa to sigh onto.

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