Tickled Pink by Thundera


while we’re Mostly Mozart (and the greatest hits of Messrs Haydn and Bach – the more baroque the better really), sometimes we take a moment to remember our (rather mis-spent but full of stories-to-tell-at-some-point) Youth….


and recall the dark cavernous clubs (south of the river where the cabs don’t go) of London and delve a little into the psyche and remember those raw and angry bands of perfectly-post-Punk.

so we were Thrilled to get a delicious note from someone who was a very delightful friend during our Life in Manhattan about a Band and when we took a listen to their recent appearance on a show oh! memories of watching-bands and walking-across-bridges-at-3AM in something completely unsuitable-as-daywear came f l o o d i n g back.

a picture please!

we wrote back instantly….

and here they are: Thundera!

Sandshot2and their music is included on this most splendid compilation!

album-reviews-StickShiftRecordsfor our Viewers outside the USA, we should point out that “northeast” here does not refer to the popular music of Manchester (which would actually be more “north-west” but we did a double take too) but this region as denoted on the following map:

northeast_1oh, you’re most welcome (we know how all this virtual international travel can be confusing).

so – ladies and gentlemen and those as yet-undecided or so modern that one feels a lack-of-definition freeing and glorious – we bring you Thundera!

careful with the mosh pit darlings, apparently they have Rules these days – best be warned.

bravoA, ladies!

may your future be filled with large stadiums and travel-at-the-front-of-the-plane.

wouldn’t that be delicious?

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