a sunday morning in los angeles


this is a deeply *strange* time of year.

everyone is waiting breathlessly for the end of 2013.

winding down.

finishing up work. getting ready-to-fly (if that’s what they need to do).

no one is sure whether it’s still Polite to email about work issues or whether we’d be interrupting.

so we don’t.

we finish what’s on the schedule.

and then – *looksaround* – wait for 2014.

but it’s still *counts* quite a few days away……

so – we’ll take Pictures and listen to Music and Watch foreign Films and Read and take long walks and drives and enjoy it.


how about you?



we adore the foreign films of Christophe Honore. so terribly delicious french.

if you can see this transmission in your territory




margaret tells of her own escape-from-corporate-america here…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and there you go.

music and movies and books and loveliness-with-white-roses for a sunday morning in los angeles.



this is almost exactly how we thought it would turn out.

which is delicious.

as for the rest?


that will reveal itself in time.


we. hope.

7 thoughts on “a sunday morning in los angeles

  1. Delicious indeed; especially the white roses. May I have a chuckle about the fast lane? Some of us (who me? yes you :)) drive our little cars in the slow lane all our lives, never quite knowing how to change in to any other lane and we annoy the heck out of the fast movers on the highway (they honk and make rude gestures at us ); so the idea that anyone would actually want to join us in the slow lane is , well, curious…and very nice and comforting, somehow.

    1. well – to be honest – who-we-are-in-RL pulls out onto the freeway and crosses four lanes in less than 30 seconds to reach the fast lane ;-)

      and we Never use the horn to honk.

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