(almost) 5 hours on-the-road.



that was an Exceedingly Long Drive back (traffic, snafus, engine lights going on – oops – all ok now, more traffic, other people in accidents – sad moment – and more Traffic).

(almost) 5 hours.


but SUCH a lovely business trip that turned into an all-round nice experience on both ends with some sight-seeing and movie reference-making.

picture roll please

(we were pretending we were doing a slide show then – like some indomitable matron after she has returned from INDIA at the local library’s evening gala).


this is where the business meetings took place – rather brave new world. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and here’s sight-seeing beforehand….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

yes! that is the Maritime Museum – clever you for spotting that. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



now this picture is for Gallivanta – it’s the Star Of India – the vessel on which people emigrated from England to New Zealand from 1863 onwards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is dawn over Coronado Island this morning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coronado is a very special and magical place. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it’s where a certain young newspaper journalist turned author wrote about OzOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and these lovely brochures from the past were in the small museum on Orange Avenue (which is the main or high street) and the hotel itself is just down the way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

right on the beach itself.

with a very feeling-glow-y-about-the-Future sort of a sky and view of the Pacific Ocean as you can see. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

yes. it *does* look familiar doesn’t it?

that’s because a GLORIOUS film was shot here.

Some-Like-it-Hot-marilyn-monroe-16355443-1416-2005 sight-lines-cleared-some-like-it-hot

just perfection.

sadly the hotel itself is rather ordinary these days.

we were hoping to write about it – but it was full of people with lanyards and name badges rushing off to seminars about graduate learning techniques and so on.

not a movie star in sight.

or a fashion photographer.


talking about fashion (because, well, we were)….

due to the magical nature of scheduled digital-publishing dates, our piece on the Beverly Center went live while we were out of Town

and in even more delicious news from Abroad – guess who is on newsstands in AUSTRALIA on Monday?


not literally.

the article that we wrote for an English publication was “picked up for syndication” (such a delicious phrase) and sent to Australia where it was accompanied with a DEEPLY glamorous shot from Monsieur. P. Demarchelier.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 10.55.49 PM

easier to see in Portable Document Format here: Harper’s Bazaar Australia January 2014


Harper’s Bazaar and Australia.

it’s just getting all Rather Exciting, darlings.


did you see what the article has been Re-Named Down Under?

Making A U-Turn


we did.

and we did a few today on the drive back from San Diego too.

real ones.

not just metaphorical ones.

although those are deeply important.

and a bit scary, to be honest.

but there you go.

we did one.

23 thoughts on “(almost) 5 hours on-the-road.

  1. LOVE the illustration of ‘you’ lounging languid and lovely in an evening gown in the front seat of a foreign luxury car. It says it all. Well done!

  2. Aubrey loves sailing ships swathed in little lights. And the photo above it – with the dazzling purple clouds – did some of those lights escape into the sky? At what point did they turn into stars?

    Mother and I visited the Hotel del Coronado vast decades ago – a span so vast, I would prefer to dwell on your delicious adventures just a little more. (Mother is a dedicated fan of Marilyn Monroe too, I think she looks on her as a tragic and much-missed friend.)

  3. I was rather busy with stuff on my side of the pond and am now uberexcited to read all of your beautiful adventures!
    (and this is one of my favourite movies indeed. I can completely VO it!)

          1. yes, a perfect end.

            also his “I’m a girl, I’m a girl…” and later “I’m a man… I’m a man”, slightly disappointed :D

  4. San Diego? That was some fierce traffic! Speaking of which I learned how to drive a stick shift in the Zoo parking lot. Glad you’re safe back and hoping you’re wrapped in a Pashmina watching the rain, sipping a warm, sweet, cup of tea.

    1. There’s a pot of coffee perking and we just made eggs :)

      (Lots of accidents on freeways so kept taking back roads hence h o u r s)

      Love your memory of driving lessons!

  5. Angel, I am so proud of you and continue to be in awe of your work. Stay gorgeous! I miss you so…and, yearn to take photos accompanied with poetic words so I can be just like you !

    Xxxx Jeannette

  6. Hooray for San Diego photos!! I always get homesick for it at the holidays – I spent the most lovely Christmases there (in Pacific Beach to be precise) with my parents. But five hours? Oh dear. Rest up! Et Bon Weekend!

  7. Oh the Star of India looks so beautiful all lit up. And don’t you love her first name Euterpe? With your syndication and publication downunder you must feel that your proximity to Euterpe was a sign from the muses :) I can’t make the link to the Beverley Centre work.

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