we shall r e t u r n.

who-we-are-in-RL is on a consulting “gig” (as the pros call it we’ve heard, darlings)

Not on the Moon image

(Although this picture looks a bit like a space station doesn’t it? Like that nice Ms. Sandie Bullock was on just recently).

But somewhere that is Very close to somewhere pretty and when she said too tired to drive back…..

We asked Mr. Expedia to find a Room and tomorrow we shall awake refreshed and excited to see the beach where our friend Marilyn (in a virtual sense obviously although she would have been such a delight to spend time with)frolicked with Mr. Tony Curtis and Mr. Jack Lemmon when they were in dresses for Part of the time.


We’re there.

And it’s d i v i n e.


12 thoughts on “we shall r e t u r n.

  1. Thanks for popping over to my place. Did you go to San Diego, the Coronado, love the shape of that building, though we had a shocking time there with kids (bad move) and thumping music all night long from a battery of weddings. I do love that movie though

    1. Jody

      You’re spot on.

      the movie captures what-was better than what-is-there-now (sadly)

      but according to the museum on the main (orange avenue) street – that’s why Billy Wilder was about to shoot there – because it was in decline at the time and rather Cheap to use.

      alas now tis full of corporate Meetings and people-with-name-badges.

      nobody’s perfect (best line from the film).

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