poetry fragments from abroad and the first REVIEW is in @goodreads!


we just have to share some poetry fragments that we were sent from Abroad in the thankfully not-too-early hours of this morning.

you’ll notice by the intriguing Author’s Name that this is someone who wishes to remain if not anonymous (and yet bold and brave) – as his picture – or IS that His picture? *curiouslooktocamera* (we know, but we’re not saying) – is There but slightly obscured (isn’t that always the most delicious way to have a portrait done?)


we digress.

read on.

it’s delicious.

Screenshots_2013-11-25-06-17-13 Screenshots_2013-11-25-06-17-55 Screenshots_2013-11-25-06-18-53 Screenshots_2013-11-25-06-19-27



we adore having friends with a yearning soul and a poetic spirit.

and now to this-just-in!



Tickled Pink doesn’t even begin to cover this delicious feeling.

now all we have to do is persuade Mr. Goodreads that we are who-we-are-in-RL and get Her Name linked to ours (because she’s impossibly busy consulting now and has no time to stack the virtual Bookshelves over at Goodreads so we just did it – rather hastily – but no less lovingly).

are you there?

do join us at Goodreads – we need a few suggestions for the shelves (interior decorating is always fun when it’s free, virtual and contains books).


11 thoughts on “poetry fragments from abroad and the first REVIEW is in @goodreads!

  1. I’m happy you like my review. You are the first to read one of my reviews, so I’m just as tickled. But I’m even more happy that I got the opportunity to read your book. it came into my life at exactly the time I needed it, and it brought me great idea as well as great comfort.

    1. Katarina


      Hopefully some of the suggestions in the book will ease whatever you’re going through. ….

      And thank you again.

      When the publicity dept at Hay House sent us the link we whooped with joy!


      -tg xx

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