hello, jo’burg!




this gave us Pause for Thought (although we’ve seen something similar down south in the US of A)

but do you know the Nicest thing about having an International Career?


we have delightful friends, like Sbu (seen here wearing some fierce shoes, carrying a chic bag), to meet for tea in almost every city we’ve ever been to.

and we learned to say “Impilo!” which means to health/life! (in Zulu)

historical context is Terribly Important to us so we also asked for a quick lesson in 18th Century warriors (because we adore the 18th century as you know) and where on South African Radio we might get to talk about our book (yes, yes, we’re on the Publicity trail wherever we go, darlings).

and apparently the best place is on Jenny Crwys Williams show which looks a lot like the SA answer to Women’s Hour (BBC, doff cap) so we’ll be sending Ms. Williams a note shortly.

now we MUST listen to who-we-are-in-RL rehearse her speech (she’s on mid-morning tomorrow and needs her beauty sleep).

night, darlings.

did you have a good monday wherever you are?

is it cold yet in your part of the Planet?

sweater/jumper/cardi cold or like overcoat bought from a thrift shop in the mid-80s Madonna-in-new-york Russian style freezing?

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