judging. in a good way.


while who-we-are-in-RL is judging (in a good way, because The Bookmarks national digital awards of SOUTH AFRICA asked specifically if she would, you see) we’ve met some Fascinating People and made a few Tiny Alterations* to who-we-are-in-RL’s speech for Tuesday – in Johannesburg (hurrah! flight 5 of 10!) – as she’s giving a Workshop (most exciting) and nodded (sagely) as she was interviewed by the Media (yes, she wore pearls and we applied some helpful make-up solutions to counteract jet lag dark circles) and generally Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves taking pictures in this beautiful country.

take a look!



we do find twinkle lights just so soothing and, well, beautiful.


this is where we’ve been spending daylight hours doing the Judging for The Bookmarks – we don’t usually tell you where we are (specifically) but this is such an Interesting and groovy workplace (and you could easily find out online as they are a worthy sponsor of the Awards by providing us a space to Judge (in a good way)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as night fell over the mountain tops we took a few moments to feel at peace and tell the jet lag to bugger off (it was descending -fast- into the front cortex).

and then JT came to get us and we had a quiet lovely evening in Town (JT is worth mentioning, albeit under Initials only – a wondrous friend from NYC who just happens to have been living in South AFRICA and is about to leave but waited another week so we could spend time together – and he could pack properly as that takes a while when you move countries – and we should know, love ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sunlight is very harsh (in an exciting way) below the Equator *shivers* and deliciously warm.

what’s next?

a few more categories of judging…..

there’s also a Networking Ladies Brunch (definitely pearls and a Helpful Hopeful attitude for that one) when we get back to Cape Town (flight 6 of 10!) and then…..well…….who knows…..we’ve got a couple of people that we met before during our International Travels who just Happen to be in Johannesburg and we’ve heard that they’re around and we can sip tea and catch up.

isn’t life just GLORIAous?

what’s that, darlings?




you saw the star* on the (almost) throwaway line about us making Tiny Alterations on who-we-are-in-RL’s speech?

and were curious as to How?

please don’t tell her you’ve seen this….

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.05.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.06.31 PM

well, it just needed Our Flair – and there’s nothing to be Lost by using Stills from Hollywood movies starring Mr. Rock Hudson and the glorious Doris Day – right?

plus, did you see what her speech is called?

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.07.26 PMquelle subtle title ;-)

at least she mentioned Us.

or there’d be trouble.



it’s so big and exciting and brave and new and BOLD.


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