dawn over dubai and sunset over south africa.


we’re HERE!



it’s extraordinary being (back) here and every time one looks up there it is  – a bloody great Mountain (Table Mountain) in the middle of the City.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 9.19.31 PM

now this was the view over DUBAI at 6AM this morning where we changed planes in the middle of a desert – which was glorious – but an airport that appeared to be slipped onto the sides of a vastness of a shopping mall (which was rather depressing).

and now here we are: latitude 33° 56′ S which means 33 degrees and 56 minutes from the EQUATOR *shivers* also known as Cape Town, South Africa. 

isn’t it lovely?

take a look:


the twinkling lights….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the soft glow of a warm sub-equatorial eveningOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


slowly fading into pink then night fell. 


as we took a post 16 hours of flying stroll around the Woodstock area we heard shouts of triumph and clapping and, well, we like both those sound effects (or FX as they call them in Hollywood), and so we walked towards the location of the aforementioned sounds and found a football (or soccer, depending on where You come from) match was taking place.

shyly (for we are in-RL) we took a seat amongst the spectators and started up a conversation and it was glorious because we felt Instantly at Home.


and now we must turn in and do a little work for that is Why we are Here.

most grateful we are too.

before we leave you, we would be remiss if we did not share a link to the History of Cape Town –  it is a fascinating account and yet, as you probably know, sadly much of it contains some truly awful historical (and not-so-historical) occasions and Attitudes.

which is why we felt grateful to have a moment of connection on a bench overlooking a football match as the twinkling lights flickered over the bay and the sunset blazed crimson behind table mountain.

these are the moments that make memories.

5 thoughts on “dawn over dubai and sunset over south africa.

    1. we had the Worst Jet Lag and then picked up your kind note here and spent a lovely hour watching Miriam Makeba on the Cosby Show and felt very grateful and snuggled down under the covers again and slept for a little while longer before the Wake Up Call trilled on the phone and remembered we are in SOUTH AFRICA!

      so thank you dear. very. much

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