loveliness in london town.


it’s After Midnight here *saidvaguely* (we are not in earls court now – but with Friends in a beautiful Farrow and Ball painted house).

we must s l e e p.

but first pictures.

it’s been a busy but beautiful 24 hours or more….





thank you to LC who posed with his hand on Oscar Wilde (that didn’t sound quite right). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

doesn’t London look so 1930s and glorious still with its lettering of Places to Go and People to See (we did a LOT of both yesterday and today). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

thank you to IB posing with cuff slightly exposed here. nice job.


and thank you to Mr. Nigel Slater who helped us rehearse at Blackwells (or was it Waterstones?) for the Book display – we spent this morning with our Publisher talking about international rights and so on (such a gorgeous thing to discuss). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

happiness really is a fresh magazine and a hot cup of builder’s tea in a caf’ off Piccadilly. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but a set at the Albany would be equally divine. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as were the windows at Fortnums this evening (we have to say that London is Awfully Festive!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

what’s not to love about an Edwardian Arcade?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a re-commissioned Routemaster bus.

just like in the old films.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.22.45 AMwe almost forgot to share this with you…..

and now we s l e e p. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhopefully tomorrow we can introduce you to Simon.

he lives here too.

clue: *purr*

you’re right.

not hard at all.

jetlag, baby, jetlag.

14 thoughts on “loveliness in london town.

  1. London is much much too lovely, and with Christmas decorations too.Did you know that Fortnum and Mason have (not in winter I suppose) their own bee hives on their roof with their very own bee cams sssh; tis night and the bees are sleeping! And LA I’m yours reminded me of the protocol book (from Oxford Days) which is tucked away in my attic somewhere Looking forward to meeting Simon. Simon Cat not Simon’s Cat ???

    1. LOVE the protocol book! must tell Lanie about it when we see her in December.


      fortnums does a lovely window. and bee hives, we’ve heard.


      definitely simon the cat.

      the other would have been Quite a Different Tale.

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