back from 100 miles south of los angeles and packed for the Next Trip


no time to talk.


we got back very late last night (later because of the Halloween Parade which we COMPLETELY forgot went through our ‘hood and so the traffic was immense and the costumes curiously interesting).

where we we?



about 100 miles south of Here.


we weren’t consulting (we wouldn’t know How).

who-we-are-in-RL was doing so (rather well, from what we could see from our perch by the door curled up on a sofa in the Lobby with a battered copy of a Sybille Bedford novella.)






DUBAI (only briefly – en route – changing planes to…..)




we’re exhausted already and we haven’t got on the first (of many) flights.

but tis a glorious life, non?

and that’s just the Trip Out There – there’s a lovely weekend in Whitstable planned for the Way Back.

will you indulge us by looking at a few of our “snaps”?


water features abound in open air malls where we stopped for a tiny embrace of caffeine and a snack of an individually wrapped cheese portion.


california is a very lovely place to drive therein.


we don’t drive this vehicle – but it might be fun – just for a Coastal Trip once. Non?


the sunlight plays on the Malibu (is it Malibu?) Tile. 


and admired the open air fruit and vegetable sellers as Nathan Welden (not shown) sang to the gathered quiet crowd.


we watched the sun fall into the sea… beautifully last night….


we stopped and watched the Train pass through Town at dusk.

Toot! Toot!


there’s something about sunsets.

that make any long journey just so worthwhile an experience.

even when there’s three (yup) traffic accidents on the I-5 then some other freeway that the global positioning system suggested we take as a detour and one gets silent and turns off the music to be respectful.

it’s chilling actually.

even when it’s still warm in California.

to think that not everybody makes it home.


but we hope to.

and you’ll come with us (in a virtual sense because we can’t fit Anything More in the silver samsonite) on our trip won’t you?

it’ll be less lonely in all those airports if you’re there too.


one cannot complain.

especially because we heard that The Book has gone to the Printers.



something funny happens every time we tell someone the Title and they have one of Two responses:

example 1:
Oh! I need that…….*sighs*


example 2:
*raisedEyebrow* have you learned how to then?

the difference is in people we’ve just met (example 1) and people-we-already-know (example 2).

one is said with a delicious sense of expectation and delight and whimsy

the other might well be accompanied by an Ironic Tone.


11 thoughts on “back from 100 miles south of los angeles and packed for the Next Trip

  1. I’m busy with real-life work travels as well (flying out to the US tomorrow morning, but still working on emails on the couch in PJs with beer and Pringles) so I can relate! Safe travels, and know that you’ll be in my thoughts as I make it through ICN IAD and JFK. :)

    1. oh! how exciting! you’ll be here on the east coast too?

      we fly Out of JFK again monday night – will miss you.

      one day let’s plan to meet between gates just to say 안녕하십니가

  2. Of course I will come along, in a virtual way. I wouldn’t miss this trip for the world. What a strange saying, when it is the world you are going to travel :)

  3. My GOODNESS who you are in RL, is a globetrotter!!!
    Your moment of pause for everyone not making it home… made me pause too.
    Safe journeys, Dear. We’re expecting pictures. ;)

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