a most enjoyable evening: film, feminism and delicious french beans.


we had a MOST enjoyable evening yesterday.

you see who-we-are-in-RL happened to find out about a deeply interesting project and, well, decided to do something small in a supportive type gesture by taking the young brave souls behind the project out to Supper during their Road Trip across the United States interviewing people for their Documentary.

the project was about Feminism and Film – both concepts dear to us.

in fact who-we-are-in-RL did her undergraduate thesis on the film theorist Laura Mulvey concerning the works of Maya Deren (yes, yes, it was a long time before the role of a “digital media executive” was dreamed up in whomever dreams up these job titles and so we were doing Something Else but it’s all connected, in the end, in some splendid way, non?).

who-we-are-in-RL also did “work experience” for a feminist film collective in Bethnal Green while a Student (because they owned copies of Maya Deren’s work – *shivers*) at the very Same university that Clarissa Jacob is studying at (she’s doing her Doctorate, we only just managed to get a 2:1 in the undergraduate before leaving……)


yes. the University of London Royal Holloway College is magnificent (and yes, the building is pretty much what persuaded us from the Numerous Prospectuses we examined in 1987).

it was a splendid evening.

we talked about Film, Feminism and the delicious French beans (Musso & Frank has done a lovely vegetable selection ever since it opened in 1919)

why did we choose Musso & Frank?


because we felt that Dorothy Arzner might well have eaten there.

and that makes it a feminist film homage indeed.

In other news:


we had a lovely trip downtown and saw angels wings while stuck in traffic which gave us Pause for thought. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the traffic was Intense.

but the angels wing sighting certainly helped. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the car is washed (by hand, we’ll have you know – such FUN!) before we drive 100 miles south for a consulting gig later on today.

and here’s what we just finished reading: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as Research for our Very Brief trip to England next week (where we have a few work meetings, see just a couple of Friends and then Change Planes for Dubai and then South Africa, darlings – quelle g l a m.) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

highly recommend this book – a very slim tome (we adore a slim volume) and most interesting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



that *is* a lovely new green satin throw pillow.

Portland Green?

what’s that?


it didn’t work at ALL as an outfit.



you know those people who find a Divine piece of fabric in a shop on their travels and then bring it home and ask a local seamstress to whip it up into a boudoir throw cushion?

we have become one of those People.


and it’s marvel(l)ous.

of course one can be into Feminism, Film and boudoir pillows-in-satin darlings.

it’s chic, practical and forward-thinking.

and fun.

the other F word.

9 thoughts on “a most enjoyable evening: film, feminism and delicious french beans.

  1. Gosh how refreshing to read a post about feminism without being defensive or accusatory and just matter of fact, if you have time team do try and YouTube last nights newsnight not with pax man but it was about feminism and always an interesting chat amongst the girls!

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