it seems we can now tell you about the dinner party the other evening.


do you remember the Dinner Party we attended the other evening that we could not tell you anything about?

well, we happened to be looking online for something else (yes, we lie) and suddenly (still not exactly being truthful) we “found” a picture from that evening Had Been Published.

would you like to see it?

you would?


be kind.

who-we-are-in-RL had a LOT of jet lag after those 2 x red eyes to Manhattan and back.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.51.31 PM


look behind the Government Minister (the lady in the black dress and pearls) – yes – her right shoulder (her right, not yours) – there she is.


black pashmina and pearls.

you can’t see the Doctor Martens.

but they were definitely worn (the shiny black patent ones).

The house?

it’s divine: 1928 – a Wallace Neff – with some renovations noted here 

Her Majesty’s Consul General lives there.

and some rather Royal guests have stayed there not Too long ago.

we cannot find Any Mention of the lovely chandelier therein.

but we had a *shiver* when we found this article about a house on the same block

because this is what we posted on Instagram that very night.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.42.52 PMwe always knew we had Absolute recall of stills from films (and pages from books but that’s another story) but this made us *gasp*.

the reason we thought about the scene from Pretty In Pink as we were driving around before the dinner party is because we were on the same street at Molly Ringwald twenty seven (SERIOUSLY??) later.

w o w.

did you notice how we didn’t reveal the Guest List at the dinner party or what Was Said?


we did too.


Yes, Minister. 

we may have left years ago but we still recall the Protocol of the British Empire.

11 thoughts on “it seems we can now tell you about the dinner party the other evening.

  1. Ah, well, I almost called it, didn’t I? Such discretion on your part; I am sure you will be invited again :) Being a child of the British Empire and, once upon a time, party to an Oath under the Official Secrets Act, there are things over which my lips will be forever sealed. Not that there is any need for it; it’s just habit :)

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