recipe for relaxation: hot milk, candles and contraband television transmissions from Abroad


as you know we’ve been Awfully Busy (in a very good, productive, Being Useful and earning-money sort of a way) – travel(l)ing to Portland, Carlsbad, Brooklyn and Manhattan, returning to Los Angeles in between to indulge in some jetlag (a State with which we used to be Rather Familiar).

despite taking Good care to keep up with the vitamin regime and healthy repasts we find we May have the beginnings-of-a-cold (not a common cold, we don’t do those).

and so we Took to our Boudoir with the teamgloria recipe for Relaxation:


warm skim milk in a cup from Mr. Conran with cardamon and cinnamon spices to warm the spirit.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the wafting of incense to purify the air. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand a chic candle from a French couture house.

while lying back against the vast soft pillows and enjoying some contraband British television which arrived courtesy of someone splendidly well-connected Abroad (thank you!)

the Trials of the Titled are ever so diverting when one *might* be coming down with a cold.


16 thoughts on “recipe for relaxation: hot milk, candles and contraband television transmissions from Abroad

  1. milk, hm? I have discovered fruit tea based sweet chai that I spice up with – hold on – cardamom and cinnamon, and make it with hot rice-and-coconut-milk. it is delicious and brings the day to bed. #badpunshour ;)

  2. You have been a gal on the go, haven’t you?!
    Well, me too.

    Take your time and rest up, you deserve it!
    And feel yourself again in short order. Doc’s orders.
    I may just use your recipe for relaxation on Wednesday…

  3. Dearest V
    Poor you… though Downton is probably best watched through the miasma of a ‘flu’ these days.
    I always find that a ‘garlic brew’ goes down well on such occassions… basically as many cloves as you can handles boiled ferociously away for a while with a restorative panache of herbs.
    All human contact for 48 hours following this remedy should, however, be avoided!
    Yours ever and well soon
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Oh my dear, I hope you feel better soon! There’s a horrid sinus infection going around here. I love your remedies, they sound perfect for plain old cold weather too (snow / rain mix here tomorrow!) Cardamom is one of my new favorite flavors.

    In case you don’t have this info already, the medical community seems to be touting the following remedies (not kidding) chicken and (cooked) vegetable soup, and elderberry tea. I found these to truly shorten the length of a virus. Along with St. John’s Wort for fevers (be cautious with that one), Airborne and plain old steam.

    Many good thoughts!

    1. amelie


      soup is on the menu today but elderberry tea was not until you mentioned it – lovely suggestion.

      *waving* a little sleepily from here.

      _tg xxx

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