Portland, Oregon: home of Autumn, coders in beanie hats, great bookstores and coffee lovers


it’s really beautiful here.

this is the land where they keep the Autumnal Season (which as you know, we’d not see normally this time of year, being a Los Angeles resident).

take a look:

magnificent bookshops



with excellent staff picks (and people who stop randomly and talk to you which was a tiny bit unnerving but rather charming – we talked about Tom Robbins because, well, keep scanning down through the pictures and you’ll get the idea)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA










ok – we need to stop here – so there are lots of divine vintage dress shops here with quite remarkable 1960s and before-hand-fashions.

this emerald green satin was so beautifully shining from the racks that we bought it and no – not going to wear it as a Dress – but we’re going to slice-it-open with dressmaking shears (or, most likely, as we do not Own such implements, a local seamstress/chap will do this) and wear it as a sleeveless sort of glamorous thing over a black outfit (you saw that coming right?) for the Gala Evening at the Bookmarks in South AfricaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

back to the gloriousness of Autumn. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAisn’t it amazing here?

now we have to admit we were Bundled Up in a warm wool coat and hat at 08:35 hours this morning when Taking these last two shots – but it was worth it.

we’re also b u z z i n g from the dark embrace of caffeine – because Portland, Oregon is justifiably famous for its coffee. 

so work calls – and then a supper – before a Flight and so we Travel.

but we’d like to come back to Portland.

this has been an exceedingly nice Trip.

16 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon: home of Autumn, coders in beanie hats, great bookstores and coffee lovers

  1. That green satin is simply luscious. Wearing it must feel like wearing a cool breeze.

    Love the tall trees, so radiant with autumn and holiday promises. Books, coffee, vintage, a brisk welcoming season – sounds like you had a marvelous time!

    1. actually the satin was lovely but mostly for the material – its time as a garment is long gone (hence the sale rack) – look out for a very nice boudoir throw cushion in a post in december ;-)

  2. Oh this was lovely — a jolt better than coffee after a night of little sleep — thank you! Especially as I have a fixation on Portland. It would be one of the cities that I would consider if I ever move back to the States. It just seems a perfect combination of nature/foodie/books/unusual (I forgot to write to suggest you go to Voodoo Dougnuts). I have never been but did research for a story that didn’t end up happening and was so entranced that I try to keep up.

    Now, onto VERY important things: the combination of the Emerald green (I am copying G because it really is too meaningful) and the pearls literally took my breath away. Now, forgive me for asking but is there ANY way you would consider keeping it as the dress? A gala is a gala after all. If not it will be stunning as an evening coat. Stunning.

      1. Oh really :(. It got such a good review in our paper that I was almost ready to book a trip :( Not really, but it made me sigh and think, “that would be lovely”.

  3. Dearest G
    The Dandy really would like to go to Portland Oregon. For whilst we have a fairly decent sort of Autumn here it is delayed this year due to overly clement whether.
    A trip to that award ceremony to see the super-achiever in her new outfit would also be rather nice too.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. Wow. Just wow! I’ve never been to Portland (or Oregon for that matter), but you’ve just given me major wanderlust. That emerald satin, by the way, is an epic score. Excited to see its transformation!

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