hollywood studio screenings, poetry for breakfast and skies aflame.


who-we-are-in-RL has just slipped out of the area where the laptop resides to do her Hair because she’s auditioning online (how Modern, as William would say) to Speak at a European Conference in 31 minutes and then Soonest After that she’s on a Conference Call with 7 people in four different cities.




so we snuck in.

to Upload some Pictures:


we’ve been reading poetry for breakfast from the glorious Melanie Frances whom we Know (in a virtual and lovely sense) via Instagram….1291294c2fb911e3bf2722000a1fbc66_7

and last night we went to a Screening on the lot of This: and sadly we have no Time At ALL to write a review but we felt conflicted and chilled and in wondrous quietness as the Credits Rolled (and when one is at a Hollywood Studio Screening in the presence of the Director, one STAYS until the credits have Fully Rolled – just so you know) and we thought a LOT about how men get hurt through hero worship and how women are so peripheral in these scenarios – and yet – when one is Ms. Clinton – one forces one’s way onto the World Stage in a glorious way (she has a cameo – via a TV screen – not credited but we know who she is of course and cheered silently) – and how Geeks Rule The World – but not their hearts and how Damaged People Damage Everyone but also how “normal” people don’t really want to change the world, they want something nice for dinner and somewhere warm to sleep (because world changers don’t usually have mortgages – *looktocameraathatthought* and – any sense of Permanence or Possession). and how Useful those geek coats are with the zips because then one can just whisk oneself off to Zurich at a moment’s notice with just a backpack – and how Hackers Don’t Use Macs – but weird battered PC laptops that weigh a ton – but they never go to the gym so they all have bad neck strain. And secrets. and. well. go and see it. It’s An Important Film.

and it was Awfully strange to see it Here:


but sort of fitting too.

movingswiftlyon. 82528948302111e387a122000ae90f87_7

now back to poetry. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and more sunrises. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and more sun-filled dawns. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and finally – poetry once more. 

these lines are from Melanie Frances’ (aka @audreyyorke) Anatomy Of A Love Affair.

the poem is called “Going To Polonia” and this is the final stanza.

“I pay more attention as the destination gets cleaner and more defined, the sky is huge and heavy, the roads smell of something familiar, the accent has shifted again and not one single person speaks French……I say hello to the puzzled priest and explain how sometimes in a movie, without anyone knowing, the most beautiful moment is a deleted scene.”

the final word needs to go to the movie from last night which has Plenty of Controversy surrounding the Events and the Film because the Portrayal of JS by Mr. Cumberbatch (quelle English a Name – destined for the Lower Sixth and a penchant for Poetry) was ASTONISHING.

The-Fifth-Estate-trailer-Benedict-Cumberbatch-as-Julian-Assange-VIDEOand has a few deleted scenes of its own, we are convinced.


14 thoughts on “hollywood studio screenings, poetry for breakfast and skies aflame.

  1. phew, so I finally made it to come and see your latest posts :) the sunrises love your camera!

    I see what you did here. the non-review review with poetry and life’s irony and red skies…

    following our short twitter chat and after reading this, I think I’m most likely not going to see this movie (soon). you are BEYOND right with paradigm breakers, and pain, and hurt, and “normal people”, and women outside the course of either making or breaking the rules… and then it’s _only_ a film of course, with all the artistic inaccuracies that movies about real events or “cool stuff” (here: geekdom) have, inaccuracies that always crack up the 4th wall for me _if_ I happen to have some RL knowledge of the topic, etc., etc.
    you see? I haven’t even seen it, and there are just too many feelings. *glares at sunrise pictures in which a fata morgana of a parisian bookstore appears, trembles, and dissolves* (I also happen to totally dislike the main german cast)

    and yes, british actresses and actors are the top. it must be the good fresh british air. or the queen.

    1. or the oppression of the ruling classes that engenders so much pain in the raw northern, often of irish extraction and produces brilliant vessels that can portray many worlds and its people.

      but that doesn’t really account for Colin Firth.


          1. ha, good point! :D I don’t think of her as of a russian though… she’s british born, and her family had settled in england, so it’s really third generation.
            (I have a german grand-grandfather who went to st. petersburg and was an artist and ran a shop that made pictures for the laterna magica devices. I like to think that the geekery and the steampunk is in my blood, but german? that’s “diluted” :D)

            but! speaking of similarities, there is actually a very doll-faced type of female faces in england and even in ireland who remind me a lot of many russian faces, like v. beckham, or even ginger spice – auburn hair, high cheekbones, not too small snub noses… if that makes sense to you :)

  2. Dearest G
    Witnessing films at the scene of the crime and staying on till the end then poetry for breakfast with such skies.
    Surely ’tis the stuff of six form (and much later) dreams….
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  3. My goodness. Hushed silent thinking about the film and the sunsets and the beautiful poetry and how you have strung it all together as if it were meant to be…

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