cue: I Vow To Thee My Country #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld



who-we-are-in-RL just got voted “Old Brightonian Of The Month” by her old (boarding) school in Sussex (if you’re Mystified by the F it didn’t mean Gender it meant House = Fenwick House)

sophsOBAmakes one feel Rather Misty over here at teamgloria towers.

they even Plugged her Book 


Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.39.37 AMit really is Rather Establishment over here, all of a sudden.


we really do need something suitably British.





Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.46.22 AMhere’s the Link if you’re able to view this:


isn’t the Singing at the End just sublime?


it was a glorious experience.

with very m i x e d messages.

what’s that?

no. You’re right.

we’re Not a Boy (like Mr. everett) – but rather Boyish, if you know us well…..

besides we wouldn’t be Here if it wasn’t for all That.

or have enjoyed this sunrise in Los Angeles this morning.


everything happens for a reason.

btw, as the young people say, we must apologiz(s)e – we haven’t had a chance to get near the computer to come and visit Your lovely spaces on-the-interweb recently due to the delicious Volume of work that who-we-are-in-RL has taken on.

we do miss you.

and we’ll be sure to catch up on a Lot of your backstory very soon.


11 thoughts on “cue: I Vow To Thee My Country #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld

  1. Oh, well done. Old Brightonians are good sorts. Everyone looks too young in Another Country. I was in a far place when that came out; it is one of the many films that I missed.

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