wow. #depecheMode


almost entirely impossible to explain what happened at the Depeche Mode concert last night.

but let’s try – actually we can’t.

so here are the Visuals.








f6e114d22bcb11e3846522000a1f9d5a_7this wasn’t part of the concert – but where we ate before in Chinatown – a glorious run down moment of CHINA inside downtown los angeles with a once-illegal kitchen supper club 

3a842f102bf111e3a1fa22000a1f9261_7can you imagine the exhilaration of Twenty Thousand People on their feet singing and dancing and remembering when they first heard That Track and going back into their memory to locate Exactly how they felt now and contrast/compare/lingeringwinsomelydream with how they Are Now?

we cannot explain it.

but it was MAGICAL.

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