sneak peek at page 54 – 55. #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld


our Publisher (such a lovely word) on the Other Coast is sending us PAGES as they come hot off the virtual design computer somewhere located north (is it north or east?) of Manhattan.

and – well – we just loved this one and had to share it with you.


not sure we’re meant to.

but here’s P.54 – 55


isn’t it lovely?

just so we pay due homage – here’s the Very Talented designer who did the interiors of the book….

and then THIS is what who-we-are-in-RL is currently researching (good grief).

we have absolutely No Idea what it’s for – we know nothing (we learned to say that growing up in Brighton, England – “nah, didn’t see a thing, mate” – just like in the book – before we found our Modulated Tones via Boarding School) but it looks Jolly Clever that’s all we can really say.

moving swiftly on.

what’s that?

oh yes!

you ARE observant.

P.55 – 56 features a double page spread photograph that was taken at the Clark Library with George (he has a lovely place setting, non?)

George’s teapot is also in the book – on P.60.

But we’ll leave that for another day.

talking of tea, we promised we’d put the kettle on.

who-we-are-in-RL has been at her desk all morning and just looked a tiny bit Parched.


do excuse us.



7 thoughts on “sneak peek at page 54 – 55. #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld

  1. omg omg OMG the Family Silver will be famous! LOVE your photography always, but that shot in particular. Jadeite bowls, vintage linens, the aforementioned sterling… a picnic in heaven. XXXX Bises,

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