back on stage, behind the mic at #LAStories with the delicious people @LAImYours


we were Ever so Exhausted by the time who-we-are-in-RL got to speak last night (we enjoy a sunrise, but we rarely see 10:30PM which was the moment she got up to the mic – back on stage once more – it’s been a (very) l    o     n    g t  i   m  e since she performed thus).

would you like to hear the rehearsal tape?

you are Terribly Kind. announcingyourl.a.s.storytellers...2

and here’s the written version just in case you prefer to read it yourself, darlings:

New In Town

d3f44522271411e3af2822000ab6843e_7such fun!

especially when we entered the bar and looked around for a Theatre Space.

it’s here…..

said a lovely man with a beard (so you have a visual) – and then he opened up a SECRET DOOR – just like in a speakeasy during Prohibition – that “looked like a library door” and we entered The Space.


the other storytellers?

so delicious.

poignant – funny – enthusiastic – witty – wild and winsome.

just as one would imagine a storytelling night in Los Angeles on a thursday night to be, darlings.

18 thoughts on “back on stage, behind the mic at #LAStories with the delicious people @LAImYours

  1. Ooooh delicious; but the recording stopped too soon! You know how I love to listen to voice on the ‘airwaves’ (sigh, now it’s a soundcloud but that sounds pretty, so I don’t really mind) and my radio stories are always 15 minutes long, one at 11am and one at 3pm daily :). More please! Will there be a part two, do you think? My little laptop wouldn’t download your pdf :(

    1. oh dear!

      we just asked the virtual postman to give it to you via email……hope it arrives safely.

      there will be a part ii of storytelling but due to who-we-are-in-RL work commitments we heard that she cannot participate again until december – so there’ll be a nice festive story then, no doubt.

      which radio stories do you listen to? links please!!

  2. Bravoooooo!!!! Oh that was lovely. If it was a lovely start to V’s day it was a major lift in my evening and blew my crankiness right out the window. Now, I have to admit that as we are currently listening to Chilly Gonzalez on itunes, I only read your story but will listen to it my dear happily too..

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