the tale of millicent mole, mademoiselle c and more.


the thing with having-been-ill-previously is that one is Always sort of looking sideways (in an attractive way, not cross-eyed) or behind one (and not in a swively head way – metaphorically speaking) to see if There is Something Else on the Horizon.

of course the Plus Side – and there is one – is that one is also Terribly Grateful for one’s Good Health at this very moment.

but when one is shown into yet another room in drab beige decor and told to “put this on and tie it up at the back” one does a Little Sigh.

af8ff0d0246e11e3a28422000a1f8f08_7we didn’t like to ask what That contraption was for – thank goodness it wasn’t used on who-we-are-in-RL – she doesn’t like things like that.

what she does like are silver sparkly shoes.


so we persuaded her to wear them to the hospital and the other people in the waiting room Enjoyed them too and gave her a little smile which is Rather reassuring in times of stress.

why were we there?

Millicent Mole(s).

due to the fair skin and irish parentage of who-we-are-in-RL (and the fact that during the 70s one didn’t know about sunscreen for children *looktocamera*) Several (actually FIVE) Millicent Mole(s) have been removed in years gone past (1998, 2004 and 2012 if you’d like to know – in three cities which is actually terribly glamorous – London, Los Angeles and Manhattan).

luckily none of them had “C” powers when examined on a white (was it white?) Slab in the Lab.

the lady doctor (so Modern, as William would say) looked all over us with a contraption that appeared to have a green neon light emitting diode with a very highly concentrated magnifying glass – it was ever so much fun (and no, we didn’t giggle, we were very pleasant and stayed quiet until it was all over).

but we did notice that we felt a little lost afterwards while waiting for the Verdict.

“we’ll monitor That One”


and that was it, for now.

and we left and went back to enjoying memories of the walk yesterday in Beverly Hills.

what’s that?

oh yes.

there were Roses and sunlight kisses on stone and ironwork gates and a tinkling fountain and celebrities behind closed doors reading scurrilous Jackie Collins novels and trying to work out if Mr. X was their agent or their manager or god forbid, their ex-husband.

or so we i m a g i n e.

one never (quite) knows.

although we have been inside some of these Beverly Hills mansions but they keep the Jackie Collins with the pages turned down in a secret drawer upstairs in the boudoir.



isn’t it beautiful here?

can we share something with you?

it’s not necessarily personal – we’re just sort of shy to do so –

you’re most kind.

thank you.


here’s the thing.


Carine-Roitfeld-Mademoiselle-C-Posterif you’re not familiar with the lady in question (you need to say “question” in a french/russian accent to be absolutely correct here) – Carine Roitfeld is Editor of CR and was the grande dame at Paris Vogue prior to setting out her own shingle.

what could go wrong with a documentary like this? Fashion! Beautiful People! Tom Ford! Paris! Milan! Magazines! Photographers! Models!



and we say this with love (considering the last day job).

Putting out a magazine is only drama for those putting out the magazine.

it does *not* a documentary make.

and also, there’s nothing clever about attempting to show the reality of what-it-is-like-in-fashion.

people don’t want reality.


they want the aching pulsating dream of sensuous nights in bronze skin with a silk sheet somewhere naughty in morocco with a photographer arriving on the morning plane, the models in some discotheque down by the beach messing up their hair, the production manager’s gone AWOL and the Editor has collapsed in her room in floods of tears and has to be sedated by the local doctor.

glamour, love.

that’s what they want.

and everything delicious well-lit – not Cinéma vérité, darlings. 

no. no. no. no. no. and thrice no.

you know the one person who understood this perfectly throughout the Entire Documentary, don’t you?



now he was magnificent.

6a00d8341c301153ef01156fc3a413970c-450wiin a slightly dark and sinister way.

which is perfect.

11 thoughts on “the tale of millicent mole, mademoiselle c and more.

  1. My DV book got lost in one of my moves, this reminds me that I need to order it again!
    And as I have never been a big fan of Madame C (because if I am no longer a Mademoiselle, neither is she) and her aesthetic. Perhaps I will be more so if I see the “docu” (as they say here)?
    Far, far more importantly–yes, I know what that visit to the doctor is like (am due for one myself) and so I give a hearty HOORAH for the all clear.
    PS. And of course, chapeau for wearing the sparkly shoes. Brilliant call.

    1. salut!

      well. it’s an odd documentary – but she comes across as a rather sweet grandmother who wears a lot of eyeliner but basically lives a quiet life and pours all her fantasies (ahem) into her Work.


  2. I can’t wait either – i bet you also love the french 5 part series they did on chanel fashion shows a few years back – Karl and that woman who makes braids out in Normandy were the stars – I do wonder who else will be the unwitting breakout star in this C movie??

    1. it’s still Karl.

      which is deeply impressive when you think (carefully – which one really must not with fashion) about it ;-)

      coming to visit Your home online now to see how your renovations are coming along (we live vicariously through you on the whole grown-up-home-ownership!)

    1. Millicent was touched by your hello. literally.

      we Considered Copying Karl at one point but white collars are So Hard to keep clean without an army of ecologically-insane-dry-cleaning-people ;-)

      tg x

    1. Gotta love the British and their obsession with the weather ;)

      Although the same but different question here in L.A is “what have you seen?” Which means movies on opening weekend. It is considered very odd to see them once they are on general release ;)

      How exciting. A royal visit.

      Do you have bunting?

      Btw, watching Top of the Lake (clever Ms. CAMPION) – your country is Magnificent! !!

      1. Sad to say, I couldn’t watch Top of the Lake. Well, I watched two episodes…..may go back to it one day. For me the story line and the characters jarred against my small knowledge of the landscape , and Elizabeth Moss’ accent jarred too. Am I being picky?
        Must get the bunting ready :)

        1. good point.

          we don’t know enough to be offended by the NZ accent – although we did have a friend called Drew who was an Air New Zealand steward and would fly from London to Los Angeles when we lived here Before and we would pick him up from his hotel and drive him to the beach and enjoyed the way he said “Yeeeeez, darlin'” a LOT.

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