all the fun of the FAIR!


lots of pictures ahead.


have you eaten?

you might need a snack or at least a cup of warm milk.

we’ll wait.


welcome back.


here we go….


who-we-are-in-RL is writing another Piece of Journalism about the Future so the house has piles of strange tomes everywhere…



it doesn’t look a Bit like Nancy Mitford‘s works. Not in the Slightest. 125251b2227711e3ba1322000ae91369_7

but last night the books were set Aside and we headed out into the night and attended a lovely (packed) screening of the documentary “Los Angeles Plays Itself”, directed by Mr. Thom Andersen who was there at the event to give us a little overview of this new Cut of his film. Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 8.26.37 PMnow we are Totally (as they say in the Valley) in Love with Los Angeles so we were a Tiny bit surprised by the laconic, witty but rather disapproving VoiceOver that took issue with how Hollywood portrays its native city. 

we shall forgive Mr. Andersen because it was lovely to see so much of L.A as depicted by Hollywood and also because he is an august member of an Academic Establishment and so one must expect more ennui than enthusiasm. 
e44da50422ef11e3b6c622000a1f92d1_7then – early this morning – we had a frothy coffee with a Friend on the westside who has just had some rather delicious (nuptial-related) News so there was a small amount of Whooping (which is Rare on the Westside). 

do come to a party tonight!

she said.

oh! we can’t….

we replied.

we’re off to the FAIR!

and so we tidied up the tea spoons on the cafe table (we’re Awfully Neat) and drove for Ages towards the Easterly direction and ended up in Pomona at the Los Angeles County Fair.

together with a few Thousand Other People.

(which should not have surprised us, but it did – people for MILES – and cars parked for forever – we had to take a “Tram” to the Fair itself – the idea!)

was it great?

it REALLY was.









as you can see there were Lots of Animals – some of which were in a “Petting Zoo” which is a phrase in England that one doesn’t use in relation to animals (unless one is incredibly liberal) but more of what the Teens were Getting Up To* in the fairground itself.

*we have a feeling that a few people were going to “wake up in a relationship” tomorrow and wonder What Happened.

just saying.

not that That’s ever happened to us (well, not for many years, darlings).


there was also Horse Racing at the fair.

not a Cecil Beaton design in the Stands to be seen – but a horse race Does remind us of the Film.

can you see this Transmission in your Territory?


fairgrounds always remind us of our (terribly mis-spent) Youth.

for the small town that we grew up in had a Fair each summer.

actually we *think* there were Two.

one was May Day (a smaller affair after the grand Parade with the Carnival Queen and Carnival Princess – we played neither role – in fact, we already sported a Vast Black Sweater and hung out with a Poetic Despair over the front wall as the Parade Went Past)

the other was late Summer – well, the one weekend where one is (almost) guaranteed to have hot and heavy sunshine late into the long night – so we’re assuming it was the last weekend in August.

the Fair people would arrive in town and everyone would get dressed up and then covered in candy floss (“cotton candy” for our American Friends) and Squeal as the boyz operating the bumper cars jumped on the back and took a turn around the dance floor on the back of one’s (usually yellow) “car”.

the mood turned Darker as soon as the small children had gone home and it became Rather Bacchanalian as we recall *coughs* – not that we can recall a Great Deal of those years.

then, the day after the fairground people had packed up and jumped into their huge lorries (trucks) wiping grease-stained hands on very well-worn Levi 501s the Town was a little bereft and certainly quieter.

until the bumps started to show on some of the “girls” who had forgotten to say no.


it was that sort of town.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we had a feeling that Pomona was That Sort of Town today.

much squealing on the Rides was observed.

say. no. more.

and so we left before it got Dark/darker.

driving West on a late-late-late summer’s night means only one thing.


glorious sunsets. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Very Sci-Fi moments on the I-60 freeway (the 1-10 was a nightmare, we had to ask the lovely GPS in the perfectly silver prius to take us down back roads and Alt. routes). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhich meant we arrived back in Los Angeles via downtown.

the lilac light settling between the skyscrapers was gently mystical.

just like a fairground before the twinkle lights are extinguished for another year.


10 thoughts on “all the fun of the FAIR!

  1. I just love that you went to an American county fair and Ascot all at once. It’s sort of like Judy Garland meets Audrey Hepburn – Meet Me in St. Louis and My Fair Lady in one! XXXXX G

  2. Lilac light; sheer happiness. I am glad you left the lilac light to the end of your post, for, if I had found it at the beginning, I would not have read any further; I would have been transfixed at the start. And then I would have missed all the cute animals, especially the sweetly smiling pig.

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