the under-the-weather day.


must be deadlines and the change in season – or perhaps something more mystical and metaphysical – who knows – but we felt a little “off” today – and, in fact, had to take the morning to dose ourselves with Vitamin C and P G Tips and a long nap.


perhaps the bright bright sun went to our Head yesterday. 6e3c8d44208811e3bd5222000a9f12e7_7

because this was the view from the couch this morning under a soft cashmere throw (aren’t those the Nicest sort to have around?)93cb1a901ff111e3b57222000a9e07e9_7

we were wondering what happened to her.

Whatever happened to Fay Wray
That delicate satin draped frame
As it clung to her thigh
How I started to cry
For I wanted to be dressed just the same.
Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares beyond any measure
And sensual daydreams to treasure forever –
Can’t you just see it.

Don’t Dream It – Be It


here’s our column which came out today – [do you remember, darlings, that we went to The Mint on Saturday? Recollections here. ]08514e4420c311e3ab3e22000a1fb352_7


a new technology project/article on the Horizon (literally) to Write/Do – so we went to the Library to collect a lot more Material *shivers* #weadorelibrariesb86d2ae01fca11e3aacd22000a1f932c_7

this was Beverly Hills – yesterday – yes, that sunlight is Very Bright – perhaps that’s why we got a strange cold today. bab4d83a200011e3951522000a1f99d1_7

a downtown rose – this was in a place we can’t tell you about – but it was a Rose Against All Odds – and we were very moved to see it. eb03381220df11e3a92822000aeb0d34_7

and this was waiting for us in the Post room downstairs – so exciting! #weadoreaparcelOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and one we found on the grown-up camera from a drive back from meetings on monday – doesn’t the Perfectly Prius look like an alien vehicle just posing against the dusty landscape of where they probably filmed Planet of the Apes?




there’s no Thread at All to this post.


somedays that’s just how it Is.


15 thoughts on “the under-the-weather day.

  1. Dear, brave rose (both you and the flower)!

    Where I work, in the garage district of Culver City, I would pass a tire store which had out front stacks of tires used as flower planters. Carnations grew from the diamond-shaped treads, and it was a startling, and charming, sight.

    Do feel better!

    1. how lovely!

      actually we *think* we drove past that place recently and admired it too.

      of course Tennessee Williams once worked in Culver City in a shoe shop so it has always had a moment of eccentricity and delight, non?

  2. Perhaps you have a cold simply because you are a bit exhausted? Please do take care of yourself and lovely column, as always.

  3. Yes, cashmere throws are the best!

    On the other hand, being sick is the worst. Honey dissolved in hot water does the trick for me with most light ailments…hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this.

    And sometimes there’s no need for a thread in post—the significance lies in the listing-up, or scattering seeds to be sown in the future.

    1. you’re right.

      we re-read it and thought *hmmm* a Possible Theme.

      feeling much better now.

      our English soul is always healed with P G Tips (tea).

      ps: do you have an “English Store” in Seoul? We often marvel at the Expat community and its need for treacle pudding in tins in the most unlikeliest of places.

      1. There are groceries that sell “foreign” foodstuffs, not necessarily limited to a specific geographic region. You’d think that these places would be American in their nature, but they’re actually flooded with Australian/New Zealand goods—perhaps because we’re in the same hemisphere? My favorite department store has an entire section that sells Waitrose brand foodstuffs, although I haven’t noticed any distinct “English” foodstuffs there.

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