david austin roses, horror movies and several views of the pacific ocean.


who-we-are-in-RL whipped up a small site for The Book (and we snuck in and did “likes” on every page before she noticed)

and then the Final docs came back from Toronto so we got to read through the TheGreenInferno_ProductionNotes that who-we-are-in-RL worked on for that very bloody movie (we read the document with a Great Deal of trepidation – be careful if you’re squeamish, promise?)

so will you excuse us with a few pictures from the past – how long has it been – 24 hours – and only the Tiniest bit of commentary?

*lookstocamera* – we do seem to be reading a lot of books recently.

and getting a nice long look at the Pacific Ocean.


Mr. Gibson talks about his book here, if you’re curious. And we most definitely are.



this is the Casa Del Mar – we dropped in for brunch on Sunday and it was delicious. 4353e4a21f1011e3b66f22000aa81a39_7

can’t tell you where this is – but you’ll notice there’s another most lovely view of the Pacific Ocean…..41959cac1e7311e3868f22000a1f97ea_7

and this is a glorious spot which you can only get to if you’re willing to climb through a chain mail fence above the freeway (which, clearly, we Are – for the sake of Art, darlings). 

more Ocean. d9c01a1c1e4011e392a322000a1faaae_7

and a beautifully (lemon!) scented rose which our friend Richard thinks is most probably a David Austin rose – perhaps Charles Darwin, he suggested?


and that’s that.

now we must sleep.

goodnight, darlings.


9 thoughts on “david austin roses, horror movies and several views of the pacific ocean.

  1. Hmmm, that view reminds me of another Del Mar, one where Miss Marilyn Monroe was filmed…??
    Hooray for the website and you will excuse me if I avoid all of the horror movie content, I AM too squeamish!

  2. Oh that is the most lovely view of the Pacific Ocean; and yet another hook. Because you will tell us where it is, one day, won’t you? I liked the book site A LOT. And the roses and the description of early morning West Hollywood.

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