Mr. Jung, Mr. Emerson and some down n dirty jazz and blues from the delta.


so many inspirations whirling around today for tis Sunday over here and it always feels like a culmination of much Weekly Thought suddenly settles and is made clear(er).

“To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” 
~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


George sent a lovely thank you note (we gave him a first edition of Vita Sackville West’s Garden Notes as a Hostess Gift when we dropped round for tea the other day).13ced3001d7011e3a97a22000a9f18aa_7

we believe in bookshops (especially since we have one of our Own coming out and we’d like there to be a shop for people to visit it in) and so once a month, on average, we like to go to Book Soup and Purchase A Book (in the flesh as opposed to borrow it from the Library or have a virtual experience with Mr. Amazon) 239eecc61d8311e3ac3122000a1fb77a_7

we decided on Adapt or Wait Tables by Carol Wolper – which is a (very) slim volume and sort of reads like having one’s good friend (the one that Gives It To You Straight) pop round for tea. 691ca9301d6c11e395e122000a9e2965_7

after we bought the book we took a long walk in the extremely humid temperatures that bask Angelenos in a late summer tan. c1815af61d7811e3b34b22000aaa2162_7

and curled up (note walking shoes, not Doctor Martens – it was that hot – canvas only, love) at a streetside cafe, under an umbrella, and read Monocle (also purchased at Book Soup)ca4901081d8611e38b3522000a1f9867_7

when we got back to teamgloria towers we swiftly read the Carol Wolper book and decided to pass it on to Tjenamoss (after we had written a thank you note to the Author – because we like doing that sort of thing). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then back to some complimentary Study – namely Mr. Jung and Mr. Quentin Crisp (who have a Lot more in common than one might suppose)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




we’re not Quite ready to quote Mr. Crisp – there’s another couple of texts we’re devo(u)ring first before we do so.

for our evening’s entertainment (and it was indeed Very Entertaining) 

we saw some Jazz and Blues – Live Music at the Mint with a delicious group of friends – we all piled into a very nice large vehicle and headed south to Pico Boulevard.

the venue is rather dark and has just the right sort of gloomy bordello lighting with faded gilt fixtures and red velvet drapes and vinyl records stuck to the ceiling above the small stage.

we danced.

and we hung out right at the feet of the musicians.


it was g l o r i o u s.

and yes, we’ll be writing about it this week for Los Angeles I’m Yours because The Mint is a very good place to see music. WSWMMintDeltaSaints

including these deliverances from the Delta of pain-soaked lyrics and dark deliciousness who are playing at the Mint in October (this is what we in the Fourth Estate call a “hook” to hang a story on – it’s a lovely device and we’re looking forward to writing this up later.

but now – the Ocean calls.

as it must do, on a sunday morning.

de6e02241e1111e3986822000aa8062e_7when one is truly rested and awoke with the sun(shine).

17 thoughts on “Mr. Jung, Mr. Emerson and some down n dirty jazz and blues from the delta.

  1. A first edition Garden Notes; clever you. Now, a parcel wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with ribbon……that is a hook for me…..but I really didn’t think you were going to tell what was in there!

  2. Do you remember that quite some time ago I wrote out an ee cummings quote and pasted it on my ordi monitor? Well, I think I will try to replace it with the Emerson for a bit.
    Bookshops? Of course. I am very lucky (and I know it) that in Arles, one of France’s most important publishers who includes international folks like Paul Auster (and that Millenium series) in their stable. So I can always go and find something, in my language that I would probably not have found otherwise.
    Love the photo with your glasses over George’s card. And music, music. Hope WYAIRL danced too…

  3. Team Gloria & down’n’dirty? lovely :)
    and I love bookshops just as much. especially since I’m part of a writers’ group that reads in booksjops. it’s a 180° turn from my digital life and tremendous fun! so – I hear you :)

      1. we read stories we write – and we meet in antique bookstores and other venues. the last was a “haunted mansion”, its the official title: Spukvilla :)
        pictures – I will provide them starting my next reading! Promised!

        1. oooo, just did a little Request to Mr. You Tube and saw some very curious images from berlin-ghost-hunter. *shivers*

          yes please!

          posts on your site so we can understand more about your storytelling nights of Wonder.

          (does everyone read in German or is it a multi-nationalities gathering of writer-souls?)

          1. german only though I am slowly sneaking in language curiosities… ;)

            nb: am on holiday w little internet acsess

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