tales of scary movies, an homage to #LALaw and the 1st extract of #HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorld

well, darlings

who-we-are-in-RL has been Very busy.

lots of consulting *shhhh* – no details available there, we’re sorry to say.

but she did whip up a very nice EXTRACT for How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World as the pages came winging their way from manhattan via a hi-speed telecommunications line (or was it 802.11ac?)

and worked as a Production Notes Writer for a HORROR movie (if you’re squeamish, do NOT, repeat, do NOT watch the trailer – and we suspect you’re deeply sensitive souls so best avoid any scariness).

which one?

oh – well – the one that was directed by Eli Roth (he was in that movie with Mr. Pitt) and just did splendidly at Toronto, as described by our friends at The Hollywood Reporter

what’s that?

gosh, no. Production Notes Writers don’t get IMDB credits. But it was ever so much fun (even if we did watch the footage with our hands over our eyes).

what else?



we had lunch with Mr. Keanu Reeves’ lady-lawyer – Melanie Cook – a deeply impressive individual (and such a delicious luncheon companion) and Wrote about It (because she said we could).

also just delivered the 1st Draft of a story about the Future for a magazine – more on That when we’re allowed to tell you about it.

and that’s about it.

we think.

now you must excuse us – we need to go and *sigh* gently over our 1st extract of the BOOK and then head to Mr. Fedex who has a parcel for us apparently (most exciting).

hint: you don’t need to put your reading glasses on to see the words if you click on the picture as you’ll get a bigger version then.

you’re welcome, darlings.


11 thoughts on “tales of scary movies, an homage to #LALaw and the 1st extract of #HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorld

  1. i just PRE-ORDERED the book (which will be available on valentine’s day 2014, i love that fact). so happy. congratulations.
    but was wondering: how does your signature get into my book when it arrives here?? ;)
    eli roth made me wondering though…. the last movie i saw of him was this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1780762/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_7
    veeerrryy brutal. i almost had to leave the cinema and felt ill even two days after.
    nonetheless, i am happy and looking forward to the book.
    love from berlin xxx

  2. the book looks like an invitation to a better life. I’m LOVING it already.

    what does a production notes writing mean? sounds interesting!

    1. we only just found out (before we took the job ;-) – it’s when the movie has Wrapped but hasn’t been edited yet. One takes all the available footage, stills, description of the locations, director’s Statement, cast and crew interviews (done for DVD extras on location) and reads the script. Then one creates a 30 page document that brings all this together to make the movie a compelling product for distributors to buy. Which is what happened! Eli Roth sold the movie at Toronto last weekend and all the distributors at the screening had our document (but we’re uncredited which is fine – it wasn’t really a “teamgloria” style subject matter if you know what we mean)

      1. knowing eli roth movies I know *exactly* what you mean :D

        seems like a job one could only land in L.A. and your fabulous movie reviews definitely helped you get it, amirite?? ;)

  3. Looks lovely and I can’t wait to get it..Do you know something just clicked when reading this. Because you live in LA and we know each other a little I will say it even though just this morning I was thinking I should keep my big mouth shut even on the internet. But have you read Caroline Myss? I think writing is literally your therapy for Tobias ( was that his name?) The throat is the 5th chakra and is meant to communicate and express yourself…

    1. how curiouser and curiouser!

      we share the same publisher as Ms. Myss – and her work has been Deeply Inspirational to us over the past decade.

      clever you.



      and yes – Tobias and his sisters were in the Throat chakra (swallowing our words, literally)

  4. A picnic would be lovely, thank you. May we invite Melanie Cook? And, yes, you are right….I am too delicate for the horror movie; could NOT watch. But I could easily take to my bed with your book :)

  5. Oh this made me so happy. This book is going to do a lot of good! It will help people that need it and isn’t that just the most wonderful thing possible?
    Off to see the other links but had to say that first.
    Bisous and have a lovely Saturday,

    1. dear Heather

      we read this quote in 1998 and it has affected our life ever since so thank you for saying that.

      To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”
      ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

      1. Saw this after your most recent post and I can most definitely assure you that you have truly helped people, myself included.

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