Los Angeles Stories – and one of them will be performed in a nice british accent @LAImYours



we’re a tiny bit shy to share this with you.

but we Just had a run-through on the Princess Phone with our Editor-in-Chief, Mr. K. Fitzpatrick, and it seems all is On Track for us to perform *squeal* at the new story-telling event (yes, live, and in the flesh – well – probably draped in something soft and black with pearls and Doctor Martens; the shiny patent leather ones) called Los Angeles Stories:  

Mark-Your-Calendars-For-September-26...what’s that you just said?



of course.

September 26th.

are you in Town then?

would you like to come?

here’s the link to get tickets online (very Modern, as William would say).

just to give you tiny Taste of what we’ll be weaving as our magical (but very true) Tale – here are a couple of lines…….

The French windows (which had looked so nice in the pictures online) were cracked and looked straight out onto the street. I sat down on the shag-pile carpet and made a list. Whenever I get worried about things, I make a list.

A friend suggested I moved – temporarily – into someone’s spare room in silver lake.

we’ll publish the whole story (it’s about 6 minutes to read) online after we appear on stage.

and if Mr. Fitzpatrick records it (which he might well do, he knows how to do that sort of thing, he’s Terribly Clever in a young Charles Ryder sort of a way – but with tattoos and an American accent) – we’ll even link to that as well.



so exciting!


haven’t done *that* for a while.


actually that’s not Strictly True.

we did have a job in Corporate America.

18 thoughts on “Los Angeles Stories – and one of them will be performed in a nice british accent @LAImYours

  1. i wish i could be there. i will be in spirit. and i know that you will do fine. perfectly fine. can’t wait to hear about how it went xxx
    viel glück!

        1. twas the first time she had spoken publicly thus so perhaps a small amount of nerves.

          wasn’t it a moment of still thoughtfulness when she said that this speech would end her privacy in the civic sphere.


          almost. chilling.

  2. Still in literary seclusion and pulverized that I can’t make this, grrrr – however, let’s fill those last 15 spots. Do I hear twittering (?) and the crackle-pop of electrons in a strange land that claims to have something to do with books (?) but definitely is more of a face-place.

  3. (1) I miss you
    (2) I continue to learn from you
    (3) I have actually taken to doing some of the Things You Do, with good results (see also: did a PechaKucha presentation in my new town, taking on the challenge the PC founders threw down when they said they founded their event because “there’s nothing social about social media” and presenting “From Salon to Social Media”; I’ll share link when live)
    (4) This is thrilling!
    (5) I am so sad I can’t be there
    Yours in being who we are,

    1. are you doing a Keystone Cops ref?

      how Vintage and yet Modern at the same time!

      not the same as “Ancient and Modern” (wasn’t that what they called the post Latin hymn books?)

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