1st peek at the Book Cover #HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorld


look what arrived today via the magic of email!

HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorldlo-reswe are faint with happiness as you might imagine.

the “format” as they say in the business is 6 x 7 inches (what *is* that in old money? – bijou! that’s what it is – bijou and no mistake.)

this, of course, is perfect for a nightstand.

one of those nightstands that’s a Philippe Starck stool in (the now discontinued shade of sky blue or) heavy cream with a deeply ornate lamp and some exquisite pen and pad of paper from a far-off foreign and mysterious hotel.


like the ones at our house.

or yours.

do you have a nice nightstand that might benefit from a 6 x 7 inch book?

oh good.

it’s out on Valentine’s Day 2014.


29 thoughts on “1st peek at the Book Cover #HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorld

  1. Oh, that’s simply too, too beautiful a cover! The white, the scintilating colour, the font… How achingly stylish. Gorgeous, Ms Stuart/teamgloria, and published on St Valentine’s Day, yet. :-)

  2. Congratulations! I’ll definitely be picking up a copy—it’s JUST what I need! And how wonderful it is to see that the cover mirrors the comforting bedroom shots that I love. Can’t wait!!

    1. *wavingtoKorea* Thank you so much!

      and do post more pictures from seoul.

      we did enjoy our visit there during the last day job and love to see pictures.

      plus the banana bread shot makes us very hungry and we have nothing in the house as delicious to eat as That ;-)

  3. Speechless! Thrilled! And, yes, swooning. You lucky, brilliant girl: It is a perfect cover. Cannot wait to put it on my nightstand. Nightstands. I have several around the house, you know. The book is a perfect delight for a guestroom, no? Yes. xo

    1. oh yes.

      perfect for guest-rooms.

      especially when our Publisher sends us the uncorrected proofs and we can send them to YOU for your lovely endorsement. *blush*

  4. It is the perfect size and you know how I adore a book of hours; yours will be gloriously happy by my bedside chair :) ( Did I mention?..I feel I did….that I make little books for family amusement…a book of hours, a book of moments, and a book of days…so far )

  5. Hooray!!! Oh and it is just so beautiful!!!! A boudoir photo! Your specialty! ;) It is just lovely and appealing and I can already imagine so many people reaching to pick it up off the shelves wondering “Oh, look what is this? I could definitely use this” or “Hmmm, this will make a great gift for…” Yes? Yes!

    1. PS. that is the font that I have always wanted “Lost in Arles” to be written in but have never been able to figure out how to do it!

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