early mornings, deadlines and something for supper with kale.



we’ve missed you.

but we MUST return to the deadlines as who-we-are-in-RL (finally) asked for our help.

so we’re off to sharpen pencils and brew another pot of coffee and generally have our deeply-supportive-face-on.

it’s impressive.

you’d never know we were actually thinking about a (very long) weekend in Monaco or what william is up to in whitstable and whether the laurel canyon stores sell butterscotch angel delight because all the British Musicians like it after they’ve been staying out too late at chateau marmont.

it really looks as if we’re Truly Concentrating.


ok – but just a few – we’ve BARELY left the house for DAYS and have been subsisting on bowls of brown rice with kale (yum).


this is for Gallivanta because she knows how important Rumer Godden is (and not just because Mr. Willis and Ms. Moore named one of their children after her)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe saw a few flowers in the daylight when we managed to get outside to catch a few rays of sunshine and some vitamin D.



ok – we took a drive to the Ocean because we Really missed it (this was sunday)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



but mostly we’ve been here (which is admittedly very nice and we adore teamgloria towers). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

burning the midnight oil.

which we must Not do tonight because tomorrow we have a photo shoot.

and we’re not taking the pictures.

oh no.

not allowed.

it’s a Proper Shoot with a Professional Photographer and a Stylist and a Make-up and Hair Artist and everything (there’s even an assistant).

guess who is in Front of the camera?

on Malibu Beach, no less?


who-we-are-in-RL is having her picture done for a MAGAZINE.

apparently she wrote a story and *slightlymistysadlook* you know, talked about Tobias (we almost miss him) and his sisters (they didn’t feature very heavily in the narrative, Tobias did most of the attention-seeking) and she even wrote about US – as in you behind the screen over there *peerswinninglythroughtheinterweb* and how writing as teamgloria (or allowing us, rather, to speak through her at last) and getting all your nice comments and help and support when (few of) you didn’t know who-we-are-in-RL-actually-was Got Her Through It All (we hesitate to say one piece because of course several bits of us are Missing post-surgery).

it’s a lovely story.

so they’re going to publish it.

not for a while – November issue (that means, confusingly, October, right?)

we can’t tell you which magazine yet.

because then it won’t be a surprise.

we adore surprises.

not as much as we adore butterscotch angel delight but there you go.

we must Not Leave The House.

we have to sharpen pencils and Get back to Work (three deadlines fast approaching which is delicious and Terribly Grown-up).

18 thoughts on “early mornings, deadlines and something for supper with kale.

    1. hello dear

      the book flap has already Gone To the art department so it’s the one on who-we-are-in-RL’s site – this one will be more of a barefoot and smiley on the beach one – but yes – we’ll definitely Scan It In when the magazine comes out (re-touching ahoy!)


      _tg x

  1. Will you be wearing a Marilyn Monroe stylee bathing suit? Or perhaps something a little more Hampstead Bazaar? How exciting and dare I say it Modern!

    And what’s William doing? Well he’s on his commute, at Faversham, and the sun is shining and he wishes he had a private income rather than a local authority job in South London.

    But I suppose there is still time to marry up. I can see why they did it in the olden days.

    We will have chips on the beach when you visit, I did last night – Gloriaous.

    O reservoir, as we say in England xx

    1. *giggling*

      O reservoir indeed – haven’t heard that for an Age.

      chips on the beach – definitely (they don’t serve them in malibu sadly)

      and we Wish it was Hampstead Bazaar a la young Judi Dench but we heard the “Brief” was “pared down J Crew” (imagine! we can’t).

      loving you from across the continent and the pond.


  2. So pleased to know about the photo shoot and the magazine. And thanks for the photo of Rumer’s book. I must read it again soon( because my house has too many rooms and needs some sorting. ). And you have another photo on your post that is made for me; the blue plumbago. I adore plumbago. I have one in my garden but it is dejected right now because of the cold.

    1. we have no idea what the flowers are so it’s Such a Relief that you do!


      quelle odd name.

      loved your story about Canada on your site – a delicious reverie indeed.

      (we just got to the bit last night before we fell asleep where Rumer goes to stay with Renoir, the younger, film-man-son in L.A – so Thrilling to know we walk the same side streets in Los Angeles as the great RG.)

      _tg xx

        1. we saw it at MoMA when we lived in NYC – we’d love to see it in INDIA – it was strange seeing it in manhattan.

          plumbago does sound lovely – if a little like a milk pudding at boarding school, non?

  3. I just relaxed and let your writing run over me like honey over a honeycomb in the hot august sun. It is a tonic. Now get back to work. (You will tell us what magazine when October rolls around I hope so I can buy a copy?)

    1. honeycomb always reminds us of dodgy seaside fairgrounds – *shivers*

      of course! we’ll scan in the Cover when it hits newsstands (and we’re allowed to do so).

      )tg xxx

  4. I love it. How exciting and congratulations.

    Kale and rice is always suitable.

    And I too understand the importance of Rumer Godden. Especially the River, and of course Miss Happiness and Miss Flower about a little girl from India, two Japanese dolls and the building of a Japanese dolls house. Have forced my daughter to love Rumer Godden as well.


    1. RG is a Very suitable Introduction to life for young girls.

      she’s been the making of us (as well as Noel Streatfeild and Noel Coward, of course)


      )tg xx

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