driving in los angeles, dreaming of movie locations


we do an awful lot of Driving here in Los Angeles, as one might imagine, and something that makes it a whole lot Nicer (apart from music which we listen to constantly) is Spotting Movie Locations.


this is the very dog park where Diane Lane meets Mr. Cusack.



in Must Love Dogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand this, dear friends, is the church where Judy *sighs* Garland RIPS off her veil at the memorial service (such a poignant scene) in A Star Is Born.


can you see this transmission in your territory (we couldn’t find the actual scene so here’s the Technicolo(u)r Trailer instead)

we even take pacific coast highway from malibu and then drive up San Vicente to go to Beverly Hills (a ridiculous route to avoid the freeway but when one has time – when one does – why Not?) because of Dudley Moore in 10.


10corniche3.2021if you can see this (and we’re aware that many of you can’t due to Copyright and so Forth outside the USA *sadlooktocamera*) then if you move the button to the right and find where 08:23 minutes is in This Clip you’ll see how lovely that Drive is (forgive the naughty Objectification done by Mr. Moore – it is a period piece now).


so there you have it.

Three drives and Three movie locations to inspire.

isn’t life delicious?

do you have a Movie Location near You?

or a Location where you’d like to Make a movie?

ah yes.

we have those too.


14 thoughts on “driving in los angeles, dreaming of movie locations

  1. While not glamorous as the other examples, they say that a very exciting car chase in “Ronin” with Robert Deniro was filmed in the streets of Arles. I have a whole slew of locations here for the thriller that Remi and I have been working on in our heads for a long time–the climax is in the Arena during the Feria!

    1. that is a strange colo(u)r indeed.

      why apricot one wonders?

      a special at the 24 hour home depot on hollywood at a dodgy time in the morning when one really should Not be making paint decisions?

  2. The Sunset Tower Hotel – which is deco-licious – is only a few miles from me. I attended a tiny concert at its bar, and sat under Richee’s photo of Louise Brooks. Her life was wild, mad and sad – it would have been lovely to have witnessed it – shyly, from the wings; being involved in a movie about her would be the next best thing!

    I also work in Culver City, near Sony Pictures. Sony was originally called Triangle Studios in 1915; the column that marked the entrance is standing there still.

  3. Well, I live next door to what once was Perino’s, the famous hangout Richard Gere pulls up to meet Lauren Hutton in “American Gigolo” – a film that made me rethink my wardrobe and lifestyle. I love spotting movie locations in this town, it’s almost as much fun as playing “Spot the Stately Home” whenever you watched a Merchant Ivory film. xxxxxxxx

  4. Dearest G
    We do of course in London have more than a smattering of scene stealing locations…
    And whilst everywhere argues over being the ‘real’ Diagon Alley’, I prefer to dwell near the flats that were the pub in Withnail and I or recreate the view of the railway station from the original (and by far the best) of The Ladykillers.
    And as my post of yesterday points out, new magic everywhere is being spun as we speak.
    Perhaps you might have an idea as to the perfume of production lots?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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