sundown over sunset boulevard then sumptous saturday morning with our friends @SightSoundmag



as we exited the cinema yesterday the sky was a cerulean blue such as heavens are made of.


no, we didn’t go the Movies on the Moon (wouldn’t That be delicious and have interesting snacks?) – this is the Cinedome on Sunset BoulevardOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then there was a farmhouse table at a restaurant for supper – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and as we Emerged into sunset boulevard to head home the sky was breathtaking like a swirl of cream in crushed raspberries in an earthenware bowl inherited from one’s great-aunt who had a house in TuscanyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

even the Schwab sign (is this the original but moved from what used to be garden-of-allah? we cannot find details Anywhere and the interweb is usually So helpful with this sort of Request)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and as we stood and watched for a little while, a bag of groceries at our feet (there’s even a Trader Joes in Hollywood itself now with such Deeply Curious people – many in drag – or at least we assume that was drag). Delicious! And yes, of course we had Conversations over the edamame shelf. It’s only polite. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and now it’s saturday and we’re lounging around reading Sight & Sound from the British Film Institute and cutting out interesting bits to put into the moleskine (#154 in case you’re curious).


what’s that?

what did we see at the Picture Palace last night?

shailene-woodley-spectacular-now-posterthis is what we saw.

but it was almost too painful to write about – on the surface it’s about Being Young and Free – but just underneath the scabs of torn disillusioned mistakes lies a darker tale of sadness and what-we-do-to-cope and how damaged people beget damaged souls and all the other tear engendering film experiences that, in the end, make one so Relieved to have Escaped what could have been a terrible fate.

if you’d like to see the Trailer and can do so in your territory – we are at your service:

sometimes it’s less about the Spectacular Now and more about what got us here to enjoy what is Now and yes, indeed, Most Spectacular.

if you must look back darlings – don’t stare.

keep moving forwards and stay in the light (yes, they say things like that here in L.A – isn’t that fabulous?)

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