fantasies and realities – writing, dreaming and picking up the meds.


we drift between fantasy (of the movie variety) and realities (off to the Chemist in a moment to get those horrid little pills that have replaced our thyroid function – *shudder* post-surgery) and then come back to Write (always delicious) and dream some more.

bcb397defb9311e2ad9722000a9e2977_7And then people send electronic post from Abroad asking us what size we wear (thrilling! a Photo Shoot for an Article – more on that another time – of course it’s not for Us but who-we-are-in-RL but we’ll definitely tag along and tell you what it’s like) and other people from the sub-Saharan portion of the world *mysticallookoffcamera* ask about our Availability for work and then – well – it’s probably almost Time for Lunch.


(that wasn’t just for lunch although we are a tiny bit hungry so it was foremost in the mind as it’s been hours since we had no-sugar-added Alpen which we buy from Laurel Canyon stores because they stock it for all the British musicians renting houses nearby.)

in the meantime – we’ve been Busy:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.31.48 AM

we wrote a nice piece (at least we think so – hope you agree) about Yolk.


this week we also went to a delicious private screening room (Extremely Comfortable Seats) and saw a very funny (and rather twisted, actually – so be warned if you see it) British Comedy.

aren’t those British people Naughty!

but Exceedingly nice.

why yes – we did write about it.

thank you for asking.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.38.48 AM

and now we Must concentrate.

we have a deadline for some lucrative writing work.

(*sighs* we adore saying that).


6 thoughts on “fantasies and realities – writing, dreaming and picking up the meds.

  1. Love eventually indeed. And everything else. And meanwhile you give new meaning to the expression, “staying in action.” Well done! Well doing! XXXX

  2. Lovely review, and I did enjoy another visit to YOLK and YOLK’s blog and online shop. Now, if the film could magically appear before me, in its entirety, my afternoon would be perfect.

    1. we believe it’ll be one of those Internet-based-downloads shortly.

      so much fun.

      the comfort of one’s own couch and needlepoint during the credits.

  3. woohoo :) a british comedy that involves a wedding. what can be more timeless!
    loved your HP review.

  4. My oh my, I loved that review. That I will most likely not ever be able to see that movie here unless we can somehow pony up for VPM irks me but France in general is irking me right now, so be it!
    Keep kicking …ma belle.

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