you’re never too old to kick ass.


did you see RED 2?

red-2-2013-movie-banner-600x277 red-2we absolutely Loved It.

here’s are 2 splendid clips if you can see this transmission in your Territory.



before you go.

yes, who-we-are-in-RL *did* happen to write a review.

you knew that was coming, didn’t you?

so splendid to see you here, as always.

thanks ever so much for dropping by.


one lump or two?


just lemon?

is it bikini season already?


what’s that?

you’re auditioning for body double work in RED 3?

how delicious.

go, you.


16 thoughts on “you’re never too old to kick ass.

  1. Oooooh, Sophia, thanks for this! I’m such a fan of Helen Mirren.

    And of course I loved RED (in fact, we watched it on BluRay, and re-watched IMMEDIATELY for the second time!!!), so I’m sure going to love RED2. Except, CZJ as a Russian agent? Ouch, that can backfire. I hope they gave her role some depth, not just a two-dimensional thing.

      1. I have no idea! I babble what I’ve read in your review that said she had Russian accent ;)

  2. Roaring review. Loved it, and thanks for thr mention of age. Respecting your elders is now thought to be for distant tribes on some far off land. Sigh.

    I love movie recommendations as well. Thank you. Looks like a great cast, cheers for the nice beverage. ;)

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