headshots, the novels of miss pym and burning sage.


so it’s here.

who-we-are-in-RL has had her Picture Done.


she was Terribly Nervous.

we like it.

we just sent it to someone who Knows Things and he said:

No bad thing, at all. Like it. Strong, centred, ‘don’t even think about it….’

and someone else this morning said:

you remind me of Fiona Shaw with that Celtic fierceness.


we adore Fiona.

who took it?

the talented Joanna Brooks no less.

we helped in doing a Pinterest board as “Inspiration” for both Joanna and for Kate Hollinshead who did our hair and make-up

if you just *clicked* on the link to Kate’s page you might have noticed a familiar picture top left.

did you?

click again.

yes – we are a small close-knit community of creative types over on This Coast.

almost a medieval guild type of arrangement from time to time.

which is delicious.

let’s take a second look.


sophiastuartheadshot72dpithe pearls are a lovely touch – and most surprising with that leather jacket (DKNY, apparently, we had hoped for a vintage something from an Italian mechanic acquaintance but that’ll do – we Adore donna karan).

now do excuse us – we must return – Barbara Pym’s letters are waiting in the room next door.


we never really discovered the Novels of Miss Pym – but when we read her Letters to Philip Larkin we just knew we needed to get to know her better. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and just to give you a sensory experience too – teamgloria towers are aromatic with the scent of sage.

this isn’t just a textual blog – you can almost scratch and sniff this one.


not literally, darling.

pack that in.


26 thoughts on “headshots, the novels of miss pym and burning sage.

  1. Fabulous!

    “Celtic fierceness.” (Equally fabulous.)

    Pearls with the leather jacket? Divine.

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful to see you, front and center.

  2. Powerful, intense, mysterious and GORGEOUS. The pearls, the jacket, the blues…perfect. The eyes; a touch of sage? :) I have to ask though; where’s the knitting? Miss Pym poses with knitting, footstool and cat.

      1. The world is deliciously funny sometimes. But, just a little seriously, I have to wonder if Pym’s troubles with the publishers at one time were based on her sweet, cat loving, homely, knitting image. Rumour has it, that our Australian friend, Julia Gillard, was ousted partly because of her photo shoot with knitting. In times past, knitters and their guilds seemed to literally rule the world http://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/articles/nb82_knt.pdf ; Perhaps it is time to reclaim the authority of the knitting needle. But not on your photo shoot. I like your photo just the way it is.

  3. THOSE EYES. Oh my goodness, I feel hypnotized. The photo is gorgeous, gorgeous. Of course I love the pearls with the moto jacket. It all couldn’t be more perfect.
    PS. Sage burning? Having trouble with ghosts?

      1. “I am walking back down a long hallway, it is dark and it is cool, I see noone but…”
        Be careful with those hypno moves, Missy.

  4. GORGEOUS. Really really gorgeous. Of course you had me at Barbara Pym, but then you knew that, didn’t you? In your honor I shall read a few pages of “Some Tame Gazelle” tonight before retiring. I’ve had a challenging day, but gazing on your no-nonsense look I already feel better. And I’ll take your cue and burn a tiny bit of Nag Champa as well. For the spirits. XXXx

  5. Loveliness in leather and pearls and those eyes! You may be from somewhere near Brighton but those eyes are pure Carmel, Point Lobos, to be precise. Well done Kate and Joanna and well done you! Excellent Women ;-)

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