sunrise to sunset. #losangeles.


another hollywood-and-hectic day of Work (such a lovely word) so just a few photographs to show you how we saw both the Sunrise and the Sun As It Set yesterday.

isn’t that delicious?


sunrise over the Hollywood hills (actually the flat bit – but still – lovely trees and splendid Palms)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

at 5.40pm we took a break and popped over to see george, drink tea (english breakfast, a little milk, in a proper tea cup – so civilized) and nibble on a light brie with some dark luscious blackberries. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

admiring the cool evening twilight as it rolled in over the Hollywood hills (the actually hilly bits this time)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

don’t you just Adore a teapot, cups and proper saucers?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a sun setting over the hills……OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and then we drove back across town and got back to Work (most grateful) again.

so soothing for the soul, being here.


19 thoughts on “sunrise to sunset. #losangeles.

  1. What a perfect afternoon! I love bone china, and try to collect them. I adore the blue and white teapot, cups and saucers in your photo. Do you know if those are Royal Copenhagen? Thanks — Mrs. J

  2. a perfect little repast, and a very lovely and long-overdue visit! we had much ground to cover, and many notes to compare. Wonderful! XXXXX

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