lingering with fellow europeans in beverly hills


we write to you mid-sip of a freshly squeezed melange of fruits and vegetables – it’s been a delicious day but we’ve been quite frankly rushed off our (with lovely Work) size 9 doctor marten originals and completely forgot to post!

the fruits of lingering with europeans in cafes is most definitely paying off.

here’s another Record(you knew that was coming didn’t you?)

Talking of Post (in another Context) both william And george sent missives today.


We do adore a glimpse into the pastoral beach scenes of the garden-of-england and we do Hope william will be reporting from both the Oyster festival and Ladies Bowling.


6 thoughts on “lingering with fellow europeans in beverly hills

  1. To think I used to do all ALL my correspondence by post. With pen and postcards and paper and stamps and mail people! I realized today that now I don’t have to be like Joe Orton and write all my journals in shorthand. Regular cursive will do just as well. It will be indecipherable to future generations. My secrets will be safe. XXXXXX

    1. gosh.

      we hope People can read ours because we’re Planning on leaving them to a Library (a nice old one) with a special room where one has to wear (white) gloves to read them ;-)

      we adore your postal missives.

      thank you again

  2. My goodness, I go away for a few days and there is always so much to get caught up with here at tg. Lovely, evocative “felt as if I were there” article, as always.

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