more movies #thehotflashes


just a short one today – we’re behind with Tasks…..

so we went to a screening the other day at the beautiful 1930s Laemmle Music Hall on Wilshire Boulevard (yes, the one near the Academy of Motion Pictures – do you know it?)


thank you for asking…

it was called The Hot Flashes


now, it’s only open at a Very Few Cinemas, sadly – so here’s the Trailer (if you can see this Transmission in your Territory).



looks like somebody-wrote-a-review…..

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.46.42 AMyes, you’re right.

we Did suggest that opening line.

To paraphrase the great Mary Poppins, if you want to deliver a serious message (such as, “When it comes to breast cancer, early detection saves lives“), try a spoonful of sugar.

you guessed, non?


it’s a lovely sweet and funny and heart-warming movie.

and we even got to meet some of the stars afterwards.

because Ms. Camryn Manheim, Ms. Daryl Hannah and Ms. Virginia Madsen were all there!

isn’t that delicious?

and when we went to speak to Ms. Virginia Madsen at the end of the screening we even managed to restrain the words on our lips which were:

we adored you in the final season of Moonlighting when you played Maddie’s cousin….


because it’s considered Bad Form in Hollywood to talk about former roles when the Stars are there to Promote the current Product.

so we just talked about The Hot Flashes because we liked it, a lot, which is why we wrote a Review to say so, darlings.

and because we know that George enjoys an amusing set of keywords or “tags” as the dark-art-of-SEO-chaps call them – we added in “spandex” to the keyword/”tags” dialogue box on the Content Management System’s Dashboard at The Huffington Post when we “uploaded” our story.

such fun.

15 thoughts on “more movies #thehotflashes

      1. Whenever – infrequently it must be said – spandex is mentioned, I can’t but help recall the unfortunate


        Happy days

        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

          1. Dearest G
            Possibly and Normski too I do believe.
            Oh gosh now you have me thinking about Network 87 and Magenta Da Vine for the second time today.
            Yours ever
            The Perfumed Dandy

  1. I could go into detail about why this is so appealing, mostly to do with getting my a** kicked at badminton by a fourteen year old this weekend, but I’ll just say I am THE target audience for a screwball perimenopausal comedy ;-)

  2. Okay, doll, NOW you’re talking: I have a very hard time justifying a tag for cloche hats (definitely YBNM) but spandex? Well, spandex is a highly useful tag. Especially when discussing biker pants and what spandex does to the human form, I can’t tell you how often … but I digress. Loving you to pieces, G

  3. Don’t you miss the great european movies? Hollywood’s movies mostly are like sugar; they don’t nourish you well.

    On the other hand: maybe this is just my snobby european arrogance. I have to admit, the last movie I saw was World War Z, and I really enjoyed the scene with the mossad officer, where he described his policy and the rule of the “10th man”.
    I enjoyed Argo as well (and of course much more than the Zombies). But whenever I start comparing, … ah, snobby, right? Forgive me, please …

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