hurrah for the divine miss fisher!



the lovely Gallivanta brought this splendid television transmission to our Attention.


isn’t it glorious?


Follow the Honorable Phryne (fry-nee) Fisher through the back alleys, shady markets, and jazz clubs of late 1920s Melbourne. A glamorous lady detective in a mostly male world, she goes about her work with a pearl-handled pistol and dagger-sharp wit, leaving a trail of male admirers in her wake. Essie Davis (Girl with a Pearl Earring) stars in the stylish series based on the best-selling novels by Australian writer Kerry Greenwood.

curiously enough, this series is not just available in Australia and New Zealand (which is another country all together, despite what ill-informed people sometimes assume, darlings, and we feel the pain of NZ when they Do) but it is available in Wisconsin (yes, America – the United States of – not Latin – which has nothing to do with amo, amas, amat or Virgil it seems – gosh)

our friends-from-brisbane, whimsy and juno (we’ve not met – but we adore their frills and furnishings) have an appreciation of Miss Fisher here


that. does. it.

we’re going to see if Mr. Amazon has it (after we make a Request for Materials from our learned colleagues at the Los Angeles County Library System, naturally).

how exciting.

the other thing that was not just exciting but also a Bit Scary was that we had our Author Photograph shot yesterday.

now we cannot show you until the 19th or nearby that date because it’s in the Lab and needs Approvals and so on and so forth.

but we can show you how who-we-are-in-RL looks with false eyelashes.


and the New Bob! (we haven’t had a real bobbed-hair-look for many a year) – here’s one we took just the other day after the haircut in Koreatown (Los Angeles, we didn’t go all the way to Seoul, but Terry Kim, our lovely stylist, did come From Seoul).


when the lovely photographer asked us “what look are you going for?” (because they ask those sort of things in Photography Shoots) we took a deep breath and said (after we said “thin” and giggled prettily – *sighs*):

mysterious………….and as if we Know Of (deep) Matters.


and secretly we wanted to look like Miss Fisher, of course.


well, wouldn’t You?


happy saturday, darlings.

go back to bed – you need a rest – a milky cup of tea and a fresh new fashion magazine from Italy.

that’s what We are going to Do.

22 thoughts on “hurrah for the divine miss fisher!

    1. thank you!

      although we’re Very Nervous about the rest of the picture when it finally comes back from the Lab because of the Cake eaten in the past *coughs* few years.

      oh. well.

      talent will carry us through the pain ;-)

  1. this series looks like something I’ll totally enjoy watching! wwwoooowww…

    and as for the lashes and bob cuts and sneak peeks – that’s teasing us, dear, that’s teasing us ;)

      1. I’m sure comments on a blog can’t live up to real life cheer-up which I’d love to give…

        …so I’ll cut it down to this:
        I’ve seen your portrait at the site AND on BuyMyCloset (right?) and I noted that in those two you look very impatient and alert, like “dear mr photographer, please hurry, will you? I’ve got a lot of things to do! see? I’m already starting to jump up and run!” ;)
        so the bottom line is: I think you look unique in today’s world of egomaniacs.
        so I’m sure the photos will be amazing – not just because you’re lovely, but also because the audience will catch that mood and want to keep up to the wit and intellectual impatience you beam with!

          1. since I’m rushing out the house right now, I’ll shoot you an email later.
            bisous and be good to yourself!

  2. Oh I do need a rest, thank you. Miss Fisher holds much promise. She always manages to keep her hat and look impeccable. A most mysterious ability which escapes a scruff like me :) Author photograph; how lovely.

    1. you’ll understand this……

      we asked to see Korean magazines (because as you know, we used to work on them in our last Fancy Day Job – we can’t read them – but we do love the layouts) and we were allowed to look at them (on a cushion) ONly Until Terry was Ready to cut the Bob – then they were whisked away and we had to bow the head and concentrate.

      love that.


      precise and lovely.

  3. Dearest G
    This looks delish… even though the trailer don’t work for The Dandy.
    Like House of Elliot meets the Avengers by way of Troy Tempest.
    What ho!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  4. The eyes have IT! Very Vivien Leigh if you ask me. And the Bob is all about the mysterious a’la Louise Brooks! Now then as for Miss Fisher… I am on a mad hunt for this glamour sleuth thanks to the fabglorious TeamYou.

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