gelato with jessica denay @HotMomsClubBuzz and (another) incomprehensible french film.


our sweet little piece about gelato and Jessica Denay just hit the virtual newsstands so we Had to share it with you!

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 8.00.59 AM

and here’s a Helpful Link (because we do like to be Helpful) to Jessica’s books (we adore knowing other Authors).


and when the day’s work was done (earlier than expected – it’s summertime here – which is confusing because it’s Los Angeles which means it’s Always Summer Time – but people still get Summer Scheduling issues Here) we went to the Movies (because we like to do that).

what did we see?

to be honest we’re Not sure (what it was About).

565171260 but look who was in it!

hero_EB20130313REVIEWS130319987ARso we wrote a review anyway for our friend Arianna (because we are Enjoying doing so) and we’ll see if her Copy Editors like it (and don’t mind that we didn’t really grasp what we were seeing while thoroughly swooning at the Experience).

THIS JUST IN: our review Hot Off the Interweb Press

back to today


(only through the first few sips of coffee thus far)

we HOPE we’re going to meet one of our Hollywood Producer (business) crushes today – but one never knows – it’s been rescheduled *thinks* a Lot.

so we’ll see.

but we’ve read the book and are ready with-the-questions so here’s hoping, darlings.

see you later?

oh, that’s lovely.

yes, wear that one.

it suits your eyes and fair complexion.

those boots?


where Are you going today?

do. tell.

14 thoughts on “gelato with jessica denay @HotMomsClubBuzz and (another) incomprehensible french film.

  1. very inspiring. the story of jessica denay shows yet again that you simply have to have one great idea maybe resulting from the right stellar constellation and you can live the dream.
    (i miss hollywood)
    xxx from berlin*

  2. Spent the morning answering email and tidying up and trying not to ponder (but pondering anyway) a rewrite of “something,” then made a vow to catch up on all my reading of all my friends who are vastly more PROLIFIC than I, and in the meantime hold down this demanding day job in the RL. Oh, and peek at all the latest round of AUCTION CATALOGUES full of things we would like to own and so add day-dreaming to the list of things to do and being done today. And a big hug to you, XXXXX

      1. N went wake boarding? I don’t even really know what that is but isn’t it something that the CIA uses in Guantanamo….? Must investigate….

        1. PS. All I remember hearing about that movie is that a famous French director brings together his favorite actors (playing themselves) and…stuff happens. Helpful, non? ;)

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