goodbye, jake.


some very deeply sad news.


jake 2001 – 2013. 

Jake passed away this morning.

can everyone send loving thoughts to @tjenamoss who is grieving please.


jake – safe journey to the other side darling prince.


9 thoughts on “goodbye, jake.

  1. Sending love & warmth via teamgloria (don’t have instagram). Got teary-eyed looking at that beautiful little face. What a sweet soul. Back with the angels.

  2. lots of love to the grieving family (I’m not on I’gram, but I hope the light gets though).

    I miss my dog as if he died just yesterday, and it’s been 6 years now.

  3. My heart goes out to you at this very sad news. There is no truer or more unconditional love than that which we see in the eyes of a beloved dog. Much Love Always….

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