downtown culver city with the ghost of gloria swanson


just a few pictures from yesterday.


white roses make such a delicious companion around teatime, non?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

always Tickled Pink to see a chandelier – and more than one is Most deliciousOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we had tea at the Culver Hotel – about which many Legends (i.e. can’t be Quite Proven in fact but sound Plausible) surround – namely that Mr. Charles Chaplin owned it at one point – and the people of not-very-high-height at all were taken through underground tunnels to the Studio opposite when they were shooting something-on-a-yellow-brick-road. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it *does* look familiar doesn’t it?

Rumors fly that late at night a spirit—some say Gloria Swanson—roams the halls of the mansion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso many glorious things were shot at culver studios 

but one film that was not – and which we MUST write about later (because we saw it Last Night and Cannot Stop Thinking About it – is this one:

Byzantium-quad-posterbreathtaking………………….and dark.

19 thoughts on “downtown culver city with the ghost of gloria swanson

  1. Tea and film and chandeliers and ghosts…how glorious…

    And then this magical energy that connects us all… I was just talking about “something-on-a-yellow-brick-road.”

    “There is no one yellow brick road that leads us to one Oz,” I said in a recent interview on Understanding Loss and Healing.

    I hear one can visit Dorothy’s house somewhere in Kansas. Really!

    Wouldn’t that, too, be a glorious adventure?

    Hugs and healing…

    1. we went to kansas on business once and really wanted to see dorothy’s house but *sighs* couldn’t get the time off

      but we did enjoy the thrill of seeing “tornado shelter” at the airport.

      very kansas.

  2. I would like tea in those surroundings; do they have a sweet scent of old world, high ceilings and linen and cool, heat sheltering walls? The film? Your crush on Jordan continues?

            1. the tea was delicious :-)

              you’re right.

              although most of the time that people spent in eastbourne was in an educational establishment – it’s because of the sea air (health) but it’s not brighton (a naughty place) – and there were lots of impoverished gentlewomen in the victorian era who set up schools in the once big family houses (like the one we went to).

    1. Funny enough – not that we make a big deal out of it – it’s because all the places we suggest to eat are, well, prudently reasonably priced (for that audience) and nowhere with good tea is cheap in LA.

      Hence why we are at the beverly hills hotel for tea but not writing about it – but we are Writing….


  3. Oooo. MUST see that movie (in about a year and a half when it comes out on cable here). For meloves a good vampire movie and Mr. Jordan did a lovely job with “Interview” even with the oddity of Tom Cruise (who actually did a rather good job if you watch the film now)…
    Plus, chandeliers! Roses! Ghosts (of Gloria Swanson no less, now THAT is a ghost)! What more could a girl ask for?

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