we have an ISBN number…and an artistic crush on Mr. Neil Jordan


we are “Mid-Edit” with The Publisher of the forthcoming (can February 2014 be counted as forthcoming? or far off? so hard to tell in this fast-paced-interweb-world) BOOK and it’s a thrilling back and forth conversation with learned copy editors and design chiefs – a whirl of loveliness about “what did you mean here?” and “can you expand?” and “Andrew McCarthy wasn’t in About Last Night” (we got our Movies mixed up in the List section of books-we-read and movies-we-watched while on medical leave!)

it’s delicious.

but the Most Glorious moment happened when we went through all the bumpf that that they use to Make A Book – like copyright line and so on.

we stopped dead in our tracks with our fingers poised over the keyboard.

there. it. was.



we must return to our Notes but we just wanted to visit you Here and leave a few pictures from yesterday.

*wavingfromlosangeles* (we’re lying back on the vast pillow-y-pillows as it feels very Lady Author to edit chez one’s boudoir ;-)

a few notes between pictures and then we Really must Dash…….


yes, the sky turned pink the other evening – like a night in a small Tuscan village. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we’ve been sleeping badly as it’s Just So Hot at night (not hot flashes – as yet – although those will be exciting when they arrive but it was 90 degrees whatever that is in old money last night) – the air conditioning unit is Very Loud so we avoid it – but needs must – hot milk with a cinnamon stick is a good pre-sleep-soother. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as is a satin throw and soft white cotton sheets and something small and sprigged in the flower department on a pillowcase, darlings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

in MALIBU yesterday for an appointment with destiny.

beautiful pink roses. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and lamps as if from a carriage house in a grand country Pile In Sussex. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

softly blowing lavender in the side verges along the roadside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Bougainvillea everywhere! 


and now to our newest passion.

neil jordan.

we watched Breakfast on Pluto – how had we MISSED THIS BEFORE?

it was unbelievable – joyful, painful, glorious and oh-so-wickedly-funny and then heart-breaking……

here’s the trailer (hope you can see it in NZ or do ask Mr. Google for a local version!)

so we decided we needed to learn more about Mr. Jordan’s work (yes, yes, we had heard of him – The Crying Game was ELECTRIFYING when we first sat in that darkened cinema in brighton and wept at the screen – but we didn’t know whether we’d read his novels……..we’ve read a Lot as you know so sometimes we forget….)

so we went to a bookshop and there it was – a copy of Neil Jordan.



it’s a sign.

we’ve decided we need to work on his next film.

so we’re going to Write To Him.

of course we’ll let you know, love.

we tell you everything.

(actually that’s not True – we leave a Lot Out – but the basic Plot is here).

then we drove up to Hollywoodland to meet with Miss Jules Berlin as it was her last day in Los Angeles *sighs* and brought her a copy of Mr. Raymond Chandler‘s quotes.

some of the quotes were So Good that we had to photograph them in our car before we meet up with Julia.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand there you have it.

we are in possession of our first ISBN number.

a letter is forming in our head to write to Mr. Neil Jordan because we want to work for him.

and Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles is still very much extant.


and sort of shivery at the same time.

happy monday, btw (as the young people say).

how’s it going so far?


nice hat.


have you been working out?

shoulder pads?

they’re back?


13 thoughts on “we have an ISBN number…and an artistic crush on Mr. Neil Jordan

  1. ISBN – immortal sign book of note ;-)
    Who knew about Mr. Jordon? And, there’s a copy in my local library.
    Love that Mr. Chandler, but really, I take mine with sugar and loads of cream.

  2. Working out? Not unless that includes ‘working out’ where my brain has gone…lost in the fug and fog of a head cold. How lovely to have an ISBN; like a little ‘gold star’ for good behaviour :) Do you think with a 3 D printer it could be made in to a pretty little sparkle to hang on a ribbon? Oh stop being silly Gallivanta! But I can’t help seeing sparkles and twinkles around the ISBN, like the ones you have on your videos.

    1. that was susannah? gosh. thought it was dusty.

      love that you live at the seaside and turn in early.

      so pleased the myriad CDs arrived safely in the Post.

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