blonde curls, bubbles and rose petals.


a sweet little photographic shoot this morning with kate & millie


– lots of smiling and blowing bubbles OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and tossing-curls and giggling.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and winsomely examining roses-in-bloomOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and having a soft, quiet moment together.

isn’t life delicious?

you know we *did* take our motion-camera there too.


you would?

most kind!

doesn’t it feel all 1930s with floppy straw hats and sunbeams-on-eyelashes and cake-for-tea?

we thought so.

10 thoughts on “blonde curls, bubbles and rose petals.

  1. These are exactly the kind of photos that I wanted to do last weekend at the wedding I attended. And yet didn’t arrive at all. Le sigh. Tip of the hat to you, sneaky one, always getting the inside story. These and the movie are absolutely beautiful!!!!
    PS. I had those curls too. :)

  2. Too gorgeous! A petal trail, silver shoes, a lovely giggle. Curls. And early (?) before the heat set in. When can you come and make my life look delicious? :)

    1. actually it hit 99 degrees just as we finished and we were w i l t i n g.

      but luckily it didn’t show in the Art.

      ah! NZ! wouldn’t that be a delicious spot on the book tour (so hoping to do a book tour…..)

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